Taking Our Eye Of The Ball

I hear Barry Obama say that we’ve taken our eye off the ball in Afghanistan. During the debate he raised the stakes a bit by proclaming we had completely deprived our effort in Afghanistan of resources.

Obama seems fixated on catching Osama Bin Laden. Yes, this would be a magnificent coup for our country. But he’s wrong when he says that the people who perpetrated 9/11 are still out there. The guy who planned the attacks is behind bars. Here’s a link that lists exactly what we’ve done against Al Qaeda in the past seven years in the War On Terror. We’ve also drawn Al Qaeda into battle in Iraq and have dealt it a severe strategic blow there. I don’t think that qualifies as sitting on our hands.

Who Is Playing Politics?

With capital markets in disarray and a credit freeze looming, John McCain on Wednesday announced that he was suspending his campaign to fly to Washington to deal with the crisis. Immediately, McCain faced charges from Democrats that this was some sort of politically motivated stunt. Barack Obama, responding to McCain’s desire to postpone the debate, stated that he would not flying back to Washington and that the Senate knew where he was if they needed him. Obama did end up flying back when President Bush convened a meeting of Congressional leaders to talk about the crisis.
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Idiot Of The Week – Joe Biden

We live in an era where every gaffe made by public figures is immediately packaged into a five minute video and made available to the world on the internet. Political figures are particularly vulnerable to this. Every miscue is considered evidence of whatever bad trait is attached to that particular politician. We’ve seen this for the past seven years of the Bush administration. Any stutter, mispronunciation or provocative utterance (more often than not taken out of context) is confirmation that the guy is a dunce or bent on turning America into a fascist state.
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Eagles Diary – 9/25/2008

Eagles Nation is on pins and needles about the health of Brian Westbrook (ankle) and Donnie Mac (chest contusion). Whether or not they play in Chicago this weekend could be a game time decision. The good news is that neither injury appears serious enough to keep the players out for any amount of time. Yes, this makes me nervous, especially against Chicago’s defense. I think our defense will keep us in every game.

There are other injuries of concern. Shawn Andrews is still out with back spasms, although Max Jean-Gilles is a capable backup. LJ Smith is also questionable with a back injury. Smith has been very disappointing this year. Too many drops. This guy got the franchise tag and makes the average what the top five tight ends in the league make.

I Am For The Little Guy

I was having an online debate about the election about a week back with some friends of mine. I don’t believe in Obama’s plan to redistribute wealth. I also don’t believe that tax increases will be limited to those making over 250 K (I’m still trying to get my arms around how 95% of us will get a tax cut when 40% of us don’t pay income taxes).
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Eagles Diary – 9/22/2008

OK. I buried Brian Dawkins too soon last week. Yesterday’s win (15-6) against the Steelers was, in my mind, almost as good a game as the “instant classic” played in Dallass last Monday night. The Eagle’s defense came up huge, knocking Ben Rothlisberger out of the game after sacking him eight times. The Birds threw in another sack for good measure on Byron Leftwich.
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Battle Of The Bulge

I’m 44 years old and six foot even. For the last fifteen years of my life, I’ve over-indulged in a lot of ways. Suffice to say I’ve had my fair share of food and drink over that time. I was last in shape in 1993, when I attended Coast Guard Officer Candidate School. I arrived there weighing in at 210 and left weighing 180. By the end of my four months there I was running up to thirteen miles a day.
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Idiot Of The Week – Josh Howard (Special Reprise)

There’s no shortage of them, is there? Josh, I don’t know you. But I suspect there’s a reason why you aren’t playing basketball in Argentina, Serbia or Italy. I suspect that reason has much to do with the cabbage you earn. That you are able to earn such coin is a result of the prosperity of the country in which you were born and raised. I don’t know where your country is, Josh, but I really wish you’d get the hell out of ours and head to wherever it is your nation is.