Eagles Diary – 10/26/2008: Blogging the Birds

My Brother P, in his incarnation as Flatusyahu, blogged a couple Eagles games and, miracle of miracles, a NASCAR race, when Flatusyahu was a going concern. I’ve always thought it was a fun idea. Especially this weekend, with so much going on in Philly.

1:04 PM – Birds kicking off…a rare Sean Consadine sighting. Not only siighted…but sighted tackling something.

1:04 PM – Hmmm….a catch by Brian Finneran. Finneran was part of the hairball Andy’s team coughed up during the first game of his head coaching career. The Eagles went up 21-0 in the first half and we all thought that we would see great things that year. Then Jake Plummer, doing what he does against the Eagles, brought the Cardinals back. Finneran juggled a pass into the hands of a Cardinal corner, ending a comeback drive and was cut the next week.
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The Bradley Effect

There has been a lot of talk this election cycle about the Bradley Effect. It’s named after Tom Bradley, the African-American mayor of Los Angeles who lost the 1982 California gubernatorial election even though he polled higher than his opponent during the campaign. The Bradley Effect occurs when a white voter tells a pollster that he will vote for an African-American candidate while actually voting for that candidate’s white opponent on Election Day. The white voter gives a misleading answer to the pollster because he fears he will be considered racist if he says he’s voting for the white candidate over the African-American candidate.
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Eagles Diary – 10/15/2008

A week and a half ago, I took in the Redskins/Eagles tilt at the Linc. Along for the ride were my wife, Cupcake, my Brother J and my Nephew S. Cupcake is a huge Redskins fan. No, not the type of fan who buys those little flags and sticks them on her car when her team smells the playoffs in late December. She knows the team and she knows the game.
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The Battle of the Bulge – 10/14/2008

About a month ago I wrote a post in which I set a goal to be down to 220 lbs by October 13th, my 45th birthday. I weighed in yesterday at 228. I haven’t lost a pound and this is very frustrating. In the intervening 27 days or so since that post, I’ve ridden my stationary bike on all but three of those days.
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In A Funk

No writing here for..what…two weeks? Shame on me. This is a habit I have that I need to break. The last two weeks have been miserable. The economy has spiraled out of control (details another post), the NostraSeamus weight loss program is off the rails (details in another post), the Eagles suffered a very bad loss a couple weeks back (details in another post), the McCain campaign is headed for a cliff (details in another post) and, most horrible of all, I was subjected to French Canadian hockey fans at the Flyers game I attended last night (details in another post, if I don’t manage to purge the memory from my brain).

When things are going into the can, I have a tendency to want to hide my head in the sand. Another thing I do is think of something to write which will involve a lot of work, and work on nothing else until the project is complete. For example, I’ve had an idea for a post about Barack Obama: The Dear Leader. It involves researching some sound bites and includes some Photoshops I’ve done. I haven’t had time to put it together. My problem is I don’t feel like writing anything before I get that under my belt.

If nothing else, I should be writing here everyday to justify the $120 I’m spending on this for site hosting over the next two years.