Eagles Diary – 11/24/2008 – Apocalypse Now

So, this is what happens when the Eagles lose. I just don’t write. I get into such a funk that I don’t want to think about football at all….yet its all I can think about. I suppose some remedy has to be found for this, because it appears we are in for a long, cold winter in Eagleland.

My funk started after the 36-31 loss to the Giants two weeks ago. What a winnable game. But the Eagles got shoved around on the line of scrimmage. The Giants gashed them for over two hundred yards and, with the score close and the game on the line late in the fourth quarter, the Eagles couldn’t convert on third and two and fourth and one.
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Eagles Diary – 11/9/2008: Blogging The Birds

Eagles – Gnats: I haven’t blogged about the Birds very much over the last couple weeks.  The Eagles dispatched the Seahawks easily last week….I guess I’ve just been nervous about this game. The Eagles can make significant strides in digging themselves out of the hole they’ve dug themselves in the NFC East.

So here’s Al, John and Jack….Jack Daniels….I’m ready to blog the Birds. Ahh…one more thing…blimp shot of the city lit up at night. I’ve been all around the world and love no other town more than I love Philly….
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Congratulations, Barack. Now Go Screw Yourself

Well, it didn’t take one group long to sour on President-elect Obama. Those zany, fun-loving Iranians (you know, the one’s responsible for public hangings from cranes, bankrolling Hezbollah and stonings) congratulated Barack Obama the day after he as elected. President-elect Obama then made a comment calling a nuclear-armed Iran “unacceptable”.

The Iranians didn’t waste any time in coming back down to earth about the President-elect. Led by Mental-Deficient-In-Chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranians voiced their displeasure at Obama’s remarks.

Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric about diplomacy may have inspired the peaceniks of this country. The cold, hard fact is, though, that morons like Ahmadinejad abound in this world. In Iran, as is probably the case in Russia and Venezuala, economic conditions remain harsh for most people. This is especially true now that oil prices have come back down to earth. When leaders of thugocracies such as these sense unrest amongst the masses, they need to point to finger outside, elsewhere. That finger is usually pointed at the USA. How motivated are the Iranians in reaching a deal with their country’s punch toy?

Brandon Marshall

Last night I watched the Cleveburgh Browns lose to the Denver Broncos. The game was exciting and came down to the final minute of play. With a little less than a minute and a half to go, Broncos QB Jay Cutler hit Brandon Marshall for the go ahead score. The cameras showed Marshall pulling something from his uniform, apparently wanting to use it in celebration of his touchdown. Immediately Brandon Stokely and other Broncos ran over to Marshall in an effort to get him to put away the prop and hide him from the view of referees, who were very interested in finding out what Marshall was hiding in his hands. With the Broncos up 34-30 with a little over a minute left to play, Marshall’s teammates were worried about an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty forcing them to kick off to Joshua Cribbs from the 15 yard line. Marshall put away the prop and jogged to the sideline, averting a penalty.
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Idiots of the Week – The Voters of Congressional District 12 of Pennsylvania

So much to choose from this week. Unfortunately, I have a job and this precludes me from giving them all the attention they so richly deserve. The voters of PA CD 12 who voted John Murtha back into office, however, are by far and away some of the biggest idiots I’ve ever come across.
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Well, The Market Has Voted

The Dow has plunged almost 900 points since it opened on November 5th. Yes, the market has been in shambles for awhile now. Still, it does not bode well for the new administration. I imagine that the market will react up or down depending on how it sees President-elect Obama’s administration taking shape and, maybe more important, the noise coming from Congress. If you owned some of the few stocks in positive territory, wouldn’t you want to dump them before you pay more on capital gains?

Love Of Country

Item One: My Brothers P and J, along with twelve or so other guys, have a bulletin board set up on www.freeforums.org. I’ve known these guys, some on a strictly on line basis, for more than a decade now. The purpose of the board is to discuss our ongoing fantasy football keeper league. We also talk about everything from hot Asian midgets to politics.
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Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama. He is proof positive that the American Dream is alive and well. I’m not sure that this country believed, even two years ago, that we would elect an African-American president. I think it takes a pretty special individual to break such a barrier.
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Thoughts from Middle America on Election Day

Election Day is upon us. I voted today and I urged everyone I know to vote. No matter what the outcome, we once more get to celebrate this great democracy of ours.

I’m not feeling optimistic, though, based on my conversations with people. I realize that the dyed-the-wool liberals are going to vote for Obama. There’s nothing really to be done about them. My pessimism comes from discussions with people who voted for Obama for little other reason than they were sick of the way things are and the Republicans are to blame.
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