Eagles Diary – 12/31/2008

I read somewhere that, as the day broke last Sunday, the Eagles had a 9.8% chance of making the playoffs. Three things had to happen:

1. Either the Bears had to lose to the Texans or the Vikings had to lose to the New York Giants. Both the Bears and Vikings were fighting for their playoff lives. I didn’t hold out much hope for a Minnesota win, because the Giants had already clinched homefield throughout and would be resting players. Contrary to popular opinion, I did think the Texans had a good shot at beating da Bears.
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Idiots of the Week – The Russians

The Name of Russia project is sponsored by a Russian TV station and has as its goal naming of Russia’s most notable personality. Coming in 3rd: Josef Stalin. Yes, the Russians have voted Stalin the third greatest Russian of all time.
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Bush’s Legacy and Historical Context

I have been a bad blogger. I’ve been under a little pressure at work and school, so the days have piled up between blogs. There are only so many words that these fingers can bang out..

But I have been writing for school and I thought I’d include some of my work here. What follows is an essay I did about the need for today’s news to be put in historical context. It was inspired by what many are calling the failed Bush presidency. George Bush’s term in office has been termed a failure for reasons such as a poor civil liberties record and mismanagement of the War on Terror. In this essay, I point out hat many of our past “great” presidents have similar records in those areas:
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Eagles Diary – 12/22/2008

In ancient times, the Aztecs would venture out from their cities and make war on their neighbors for the purpose of capturing prisoners in order to sacrifice to the gods. A prisoner could expect to be kept in relative comfort until the day of the ceremony. He then would be led up to the top of the pyramid and stretched out over a stone. The high priest would step forward and raise his arms in prayer to the gods. With a knife made of obsidian, victim’s heart would be cut from his chest so quickly that the he would be able to see it, still beating, clutched in the priest’s hand.
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To Die For

Last Friday, November 29th, a temporary Wal-Mart worker named Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death in Valley Stream, New York, when a mob of 2000 people stormed the store to take advantage of Black Friday bargains. Damour was charged with opening the front doors and, in the word of a fellow employee, was “bum rushed by 200 people”. Employees trying to help Damour had to fight for their lives as the crowd ran over, or around, the victim’s body. Others, including a pregnant 28 year old woman, were injured. Shoppers expressed anger and disappointment when the store was closed in order to investigate the incident, tend to the injured and, presumably, to remove Mr. Damour’s remains.
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