Idiot of the Week – President Barack Obama

What ?!?!?! What happened to all the warmth and fuzziness about wanting Obama to succeed? What happened to all the patriotism??

Oh..that’s still all in place. I name President Obama Idiot of the Week because one thing I cannot abide by is someone believing their own press. I always thought that Barack Obama cultivated his messianic persona as a political tool, but I was also wary of signs that he was actually naïve enough to believe that garbage.
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God Bless You, President Obama

Snow is falling today in West Virginia. Almost exactly one week ago, Barack Obama stood on the western steps of the United States Capitol and took the oath of office and became the 44th President of the United States. I watched the ceremony via the internet at my desk at work.
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Much to catch up on this week. I’m just now coming down off the sedatives I took after the Eagles loss on Sunday. Suicide watch remains up, however. Fear not, in another month I’ll be throwing things at the TV again, shouting deprecations at the Flyers or Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Before speaking of the present and looking toward the future, I’d like to look at the past, specifically our recently departed President, George W. Bush. Bush began his presidency amidst controversy. Opponents said he stole the 2000. As became indicative of his time in office, hyperbole surrounding the event eclipsed the facts. We heard very little about the fact that recounts after the election sponsored by liberal leaning papers vindicated Bush’s victory in the election. He was seen as arrogant and uncaring, yet signed the prescription drug benefit for seniors and initiated 15 billion dollars in funding to combat AIDS in Africa. I think the man’s decency has been routinely overlooked by most of the people who vilify him.
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Eagles Diary – 1/16/2009 – Perchance to Dream…

That old feeling is back. The one you get when the rollercoaster is headed heavenward…the heart palpitations, the restless nights, the roiling stomach and nerves stretched tight as a drum.

The Eagles are one win away from their second Super Bowl appearance in five years. They are one loss away from exile to the cold off-season; away from getting behind that boulder at the bottom of the mountain pushing. Elation and fear. What if they win? How much is a plane ticket to Tampa? What if they lose…can I even watch the Super Bowl this year if they are not in it?

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2009’s First Idiots of the Week – Brett Favray and his Sycophants

The video you see above is one of Brett Favray’s retirement speechs. Its the official one, which seperates it from the slew of maybe-I-will-tired-of-the-game-give-it-one-more year press conferences which have seemingly gone on now for four or five years. And now, knee deep in the playoff season, we have Favray’s Jock Sniffer General, Peter King, reporting that Himself is considering retiring and that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum may need to look in another direction.
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Quiet…Genius At Work

I was going to include these words in my post about the gasoline tax, but I thought that Mark Steyn needed his own space. My opinion of this guy as a genius was reinforced by a column he wrote earlier this week. In the column, Steyn opines that the America has been derided worldwide for its culture of consumption. Ooops…my mistake. Not just the world, but the President-elect has actually dogged America for this very same thing. We eat too much, we shop too much, we drive to much …..yada yada yada. Now that recession is upon us, jump-starting the nation into more responsible consumption, the world bemoans that fact that Americans are consuming less. For the world to recover, says the World, Americans must revert back to their wasteful ways.
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Happy New Year, America..Now Please Bend Over

The dawn of 2009 brings news that something called the National Commission for Surface Transportation Financing (a creature, of course, of Congress) is recommending a 50% hike in the gasoline tax to finance new construction projects in this country. I’m imagining this proposal will be getting a lot of traction when the next Presidium of the Peopl…I mean Congress comes back into session.
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