The Second Most Interesting Woman In The World

Cupcake always jokes with me that if Joe Gibbs, NASCAR team owner and wearer of three Super Bowl rings bearing the “Redskins” name, becomes single, I don’t stand a chance. The pugs and red ware will be thrown into the back of the Maxima and I will be left to fend for myself.
I think I’ve found my Joe Gibbs. She’s been there all along, but it took a Jay Leno interview to open my eyes. Stylish, intelligent and possessing of a good sense of humor, she rose from the segregated South of the Sixties to become one of the most powerful people in Washington. She’s played piano for the Queen of England. They wanted to name a super tanker after her, but she modestly demurred. She was on the short list to become the NFL Commish. And, finally, the icing on the cake:

The Most Interesting Man In The World

I’ve got a big project at work this week, so I’m not able to write as much as I’d like. I do have to comment on this commercial, though….this is funny stuff. I probably find it funnier than most people would. I saw it a couple times last night during a hockey game on Versus and about wet myself laughing. Surely there hasn’t been anything funnier since “Messin’ With Sasquatch”

The Journeys of NostraSeamus – 3/21/2009

I’m late posting this week. Twas quite a busy weekend and I’ve got a lot going on at work. No matter…last week was a pretty good week.

Forty-one miles this week, 222 from Harpers Ferry and squarely in the middle of West Virginia coal country. You know you’re in coal country when you’re passing through towns with names like Aggregates.

My journey this weeks ends in the oddly named burg of Jr. That’s what it says on the map: Jr. Junior, West Virginia was originally named Row Town. United States Senator Henry G. Davis (who as a young man was in charge of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad terminal in the one of the aforementioned Tri-Towns: Piedmont), founded the Junior Coal Company in honor of his son. Henry G. Davis Jr. drowned off the coast of Africa in 1897 and the elder Davis requested that Row Town be renamed in his son’s honor.

The photo below of Jr looks old. I’d wager that it looks very much the same today as it does in the picture:

I’m down to 229 pounds today. Most of the week’s walking was in very lousy weather. Today broke cold, in the twenties, but brilliant. I did eleven miles and enjoyed every minute of it. I was crossing the bridge over the Potomac River when the sun broke over the mountains. There was a light blanket of mist on the river, which moved along with the water. The effect was beautiful. I couple years back I lived in a sub-division. It was too small to get a good walk in, so I had to actually drive to another sub-division if I wanted to stretch my legs.

I am very lucky to live where I live. I’ve plodded over the same ground for a month and a half now and it never really gets tedious.

Theater Of The Absurd

Yesterday I had a lot of busy work which allowed me to put on the headphones and listen to C-Span. Featured was the House debate on the bill which would tax the infamous AIG bonuses out of existence. I found it incredible that Democratic members of Congress followed the President to the podium, expressing outrage over the bonuses and promising vengeance in the name of the much-abused taxpayer.
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Idiot of the Week – Me

Terror came to Harpers Ferry today. I was out on my morning constitutional, walking down High Street in the dark and deep in thought when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I beheld the two ne’er-do-wells pictured above advancing swiftly at me, from somewhere on my left. They looked like something out of a cross between the movie “Gettysburg” and “Night Of The Living Dead”. I let out a sound that could only be described as a girly shriek, hopped the railing that runs along the sidewalk and landed ten feet away, on the other side of the street, in a what I took to be a menacing defensive stance that one part Kung Fu and one part Richard Simmons workout stretch.

Just in time to prevent me from wetting myself, I realized that the two figures were displays in the John Brown Wax Museum. I’ve known about the wax museum for over thirty years, when I first came to Harpers Ferry with the Boy Scouts. I’ve driven or walked past it hundreds of times. And yet, on occasion, when I’m not paying attention to my surroundings, John Brown and John Anthony Copeland seemingly lunge out at me from the grave, scaring me half to death.

For this, I am a doofus.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, my family and especially my brothers Paul and John. We were raised to be very much aware of our Irish identity. Poppa NostraSeamus was active in the Philadelphia Irish American community and indulged in such activities as protesting when the Queen Elizabeth 2 docked in Philadelphia in the early 1970’s. There was a BP station near our house and Dad always used to tell me that, under no circumstances, was I ever to stop and buy gas at BP. If I was out of gas twenty feet from the BP at 4:00 AM with the wind howling and a foot of snow falling, I was to call him rather than give a penny to the Brits.
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The Journeys of NostraSeamus – 3/14/2009

Forty-one miles this week, which puts me 181 miles from Harpers Ferry since 2/9/2009. I’m definitely in the sticks now, entering the Monongahela National Forest from the north. I’ve tried to research little towns like Redhouse, MD and Silver Lake, WV I’ve passed along the way, but the pickings are rather slim. The Forest was established in 1911 in order to protect the natural resources of the area following massive logging operations in east coast forests in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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No Sense Of Shame Whatsoever

We all know politicians will say anything to further their agendas. The less clumsy of that breed attempt to do it with as little cynicism as possible. Not the current occupant of the White House. In September, he scares the bejesus out of everyone and mocks John McCain for suggesting that the greatest nation in the history of the world is still…fundamentally great. All to get elected. After taking the oath of office, he again uses fear to sell his “stimulus” package (no word yet on how that $50 million for the National Endowment For The Arts is helping laid off construction workers in Philadelphia or Flagstaff).
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