WTF !??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

The sleeping giant has been awakened. The dragon has been tickled. Nostraseamus rises from his slumbers to protest a wrong so vile, so heinous that those responsible will forever bake in hell, condemned to roasting their own wobbly bits over tongues of nasty, scorching flames.

What transgression should illicit this reaction??? Look who is number 93 on Maxim’s list of Hot 100 women:
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No Stomach For It

Of course, my weight is never far from my thoughts. I weighed myself (220) today, as is my habit and entered the number in a spreadsheet I keep, along with a small note about the day’s work out. It’s good to look at that spreadsheet every once in awhile; to see the numbers grow smaller. I see the plateaus, but I also see the trend is inexorably downward. Its slow, but it’s the right way, I believe.
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Been A Long Time…

The active lifestyle of NostraSeamus has definitely taken a toll on the Prophecies of NostraSeamus…
For the last week, I’ve been working, toiling in the yard after work, squeezing in a little school work here and there and even taking a drive to the landfill after my morning walks. It amazes me how much I miss writing here, even though few read it. It’s become a habit.
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Obamacare II – The Hits Just Keep Coming


Joe seems up in arms about McCain supposedly wanting to tax health care benefits. Now, faced with the price tag of socialized medicine, Democrats are looking at doing the very same thing. The president is said to be listening to such proposals. But here ends the similarity between the McCain plan and Obama’s. Under McCain, we would’ve been able to choose between competing plans…under Obama’s, when you’re bent over the examination table, that figure looming behind you with the rubber glove will be Big Brother.

An interesting note about the video. Notice the lady in the SIEU/Obama T-Shirt in the audience? Michelle Malkin wrote a good piece today about the benefits labor has reaped from its support of Barack Obama.


Yesterday, great hay was made of the president’s appearance with representatives of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, doctors and hospitals. President Obama hailed the health care industry’s voluntary plan to cut two trillion dollars in health care costs over the next decade, making the goal of universal health care more affordable.

Announcements like this have become an intricate part of the White House’s PR operation. Proclamations are made about lofty policy initiatives, about which very few details are provided. The presidential decree closing Guantanamo Bay was one of the first examples of this. Trouble has already ensued over the details of the closure. The president’s announcement yesterday is one more example. Pressed for details later, Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius said that details hadn’t been discussed.
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Hypocrisy Tour 2009

During the election, we read horror stories about hate speech at McCain/Palin reallies and how the candidates had a responsibility to stop such talk.

Mary Kay Green from Kansas City sued the McCain campaign for allowing supporters to call his opponent a terrorist.

A post on Washington Monthly’s website (a site endorsed by James Carville his own self), reported breathlessly that McCain tacitly endorsed his supporters calling Obama a terrorist and traitor.
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I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 219. I’m thrilled at the progress. As I believe I wrote before, during other attempts to bring my weight down, I seem to have always stalled in that 224 – 226 netherworld.

At six feet tall and 219 pounds, my body mass index (BMI) is 29.7. According to the numerous websites I’ve checked, including the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health, I am now merely overweight. At any weight over 220, my BMI was 30.0 or higher. This, according to most accepted guidelines, is obese. When first read about BMI a couple years ago, I was deeply mortified and that BMI number has rattled around in my head practically every day since I first learned of it.
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A coworker of mine slipped on a hoody over the polo shirt he was wearing when he went out to lunch. He came back and forgot to remove said hoody. The vice president in charge of our department encountered him in the hallway and ribbed him about the non-regulation attire. The executive then entered our spaces and said “Hey…did you see XXXX? He’s wearing a fucking hoody!”
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The Paul Begala Award For Patriotism

Paul Begala recently called April 15th “Patriot’s Day”, because on that day, Americans do their patriotic duty and pay the taxes necessary to keep our country strong. Begala wrote this piece in the context of the Tea Party demonstrations which occurred around the country on Tax Day.

What Begala, an idiot, didn’t seem to get is that Americans were protesting both taxes, tax increases and the bloated government which they pay for. Should I feel patriotic about $400,000 of our tax money forked over to cruise gay bars in Argentina?

Be Afraid

If you own a business in the United States right now, be very afraid. If you work for, or buy, something from a business in the United States right now, be very afraid. The cost of doing business, costs which will inevitably be passed down to consumers, just got higher. Acquiring the capital which is the lifeblood of so many businesses just got more expensive because the Obama administration just ratcheted up the risk involved. The command economy, which ruined the defunct Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and much of Eastern Europe, has been reborn in America.
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