Idiot Of The Week – Eugene Robinson


I’ve got a lot to say about Ted Kennedy. Not very much of it good. I suffered a loss a few years back that leaves me with little stomach to speak ill of someone who has people who loved him in grief.

I have no such qualms about laying it on to such sycophantic jock sniffers such as Eugene Robinson. Robinson plumbs new depths of idiocy in his piece on Kennedy in the Washington Post. I could write a thousand words on this hagiographer’s…dementia is the word that comes to mind. But I’ll let Eugene stick it to himself:

“But we sorely miss Kennedy’s moral clarity.”

Really Eugene? His moral clarity?


Soft Power In Action….Part Deux

George W. Bush flashes a picture of Saddam climbing out of his spider hole. Muammar Qaddafi soils his burkha, halts his nuclear weapons program and pays up for the Lockerbie murders.

Barack Obama admonishes Qaddafi to treat released Lockerbie mass murderer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi with some firm “house arrest” after Scottish eunuc..I mean officials release the terrorist. Qaddafi responds to this awesome display of soft power by treating Megrahi to a hero’s welcome and embracing the man who has the blood of 270 people, including 180 Americans, dripping from his hands.

Oh, yeah, and we’re letting the Colonel into the country next month to attend a session of the U.N.

I’ll give Qaddafi one thing…he’s got bigger balls than the Scots and Barry Obama combined.

Obama, The CIA And Julius Caesar


And so, on the ropes politically, Barack Obama reverts back to the salad days of his campaign and declares war on George W. Bush. By the time Eric Holder is finished everyone from the janitor at the gym at Langley to Dick Cheney will need a lawyer.

Obama’s base is starting to turn and, to appease them, the president offers the bloody pelts from the previous administration. The timing of Holder’s announcement of a special prosecutor is no accident. Obama’s continuing slide in the polls, his shipwrecked health care initiatives and the revelation that (again) his economic forecasts were abominably off dictated some sort of counter offensive. Obama chose to persecute (and later prosecute) a defanged intelligence community and mobilize email list to march in favor of health insurance “reform”.
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Soft Power In Action

“We have been in contact with the Scottish government, indicating that we objected to this. And we thought it was a mistake. We’re now in contact with the Libyan government, and want to make sure that if in fact this transfer has taken place, that he’s not welcomed back in some way, but instead should be under house arrest. We’ve also obviously been in contact with the families of the Pan Am victims, and indicated to them that we don’t think this was appropriate.” – Barack Obama, August 20, 2009

More Hard Hitting Reporting At MSNBC

I applaud Contessa Brewer’s courage here in opening up America’s eyes to the continuing scourge of racism and its potential for violence. What is the world to think when white men with weapons run rampant at appearances by the president?
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In Other News, The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

I can’t remember the last time I watched network news. I just can’t stomach it. I get my news from Special Report on FoxNews and reading a lot from different sources on the internet.

I stumbled upon this on RealClearPolitics. Now, the whole tone of this piece makes it sound like its just now that the president is starting to take a hit in popularity and that America is deeply troubled by his handling of health care. One would think that people in this country are putting down their coffee and tut tutting the president’s plans versus getting ready to descend on Washington with pitchforks and torches.

One wonders if four (or, God forbid, eight) years from now, ABC, NBC or CBS will be able to report that he’s left office. We’ll be trapped in an alternate universe where Obamalot never ends….

Somehow, Dubya Is To Blame For All This

– A president with a messiah complex and one who (at least when he started out) had the popularity to boot.

– An overwhelming majority in the House.

– A filibuster proof majority in the Senate.

To sum up, firm control of all the levers of government.

Now, how is it that Republicans are to blame for not being able to shove a bad bill down the throats of Americans???

Post partisan indeed…