Big Day

Well, the big day is upon us. We leave for Switzerland, Austria, Germany and a teeny bit of Northern Italy today at six o’clock.

We drove up to Philly yesterday to spend the night with Lindsey and Patrick at their beautiful house in Drexel Park. They’ll be dropping us off at the airport later this afternoon. We hung out last night with Lindsey and Patrick’s friends Anthony and Carly. Anthony, Patrick and I watched the race in Atlanta. After spending a good portion of the evening in the top ten, Junior coughed up a hair ball and finished 17th.

I hope to update the blog regularly while we are overseas. Best intentions and everything….

The Obama Youth And Sweet Irony


It’s a deliciously ironic that Barak Obama is catching heat for his address to America’s school children next week. After all, there was a time in this country when it would’ve been considered a positive event that The President was addressing school children because, well, he was The President. And not because it was Obama or Roosevelt or Kennedy or Reagan giving the speech, it was because it was The President. There used to be (and, I think, really should be) an aura of awe…graviitas….dignitas about the office. The President commanded respect, no matter which party affiliation one claimed for no other reason than he was The President.
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Brother Joe….

So..we’re in the middle of our fantasy draft on an Eagles message board I belong to, when my brother Paul slapped this question in the middle of the Keeper thread:
“hey brother joe. i pay $500,000 a year to cover health insurance for my employees….a figure that has grown 20% every year since 1999. tell me how the republicans are doing anything to help me and my employees.”

Well, Brother Paul……

…lets examine your question. First, lets set aside the hysterics. Your $500 K a year means nothing to me. I have no idea how many employees you have. I have no idea what your bottom line is. To throw out a figure like that (and I have no doubt its true) is a little silly if it lacks context.

Second, the Republicans can do very little to help you at the moment. The Democrats control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. They control the agenda and could very easily pass health care “reform” anytime they wanted to. Indeed, no one has been able to explain to me why a supposedly crippled Republican Party and a few right wing wackos have been able to throw sand in the gears of the Hopium Juggernaut. There must be more to it, but Robert Gibbs ain’t talking.
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Blessed September….

This morning Cupcake had an appointment with her doctor, who practices part of the time in Leesburg. She had to be down there at 9:00 AM, which meant a much earlier start than she is used to. I got up a little early and put coffee on. She came down at 6:15 or so and sat on the sofa, drank her cup o’ joe and tried to wake up. I stepped out on the deck in my bathrobe and watched my breath as I exhaled. Fog floated across the back yard…cool mist…not the swampy, dense air so typical of August.

We’ve had a cool summer. I would say that we had perhaps one or two truly uncomfortable days. I’m sure Cupcake would disagree..she is much more sensitive to the heat than I am.

August is over. I’ve always hated August…the dog days. But in recent years it has been a much darker time. I lost my daughter Jill three years ago on August 2nd. Her birthday is August 29th. August comes now and there’s a darkness that arrives that stays for weeks on end. When it leaves, I’m relieved. August is brutal, hot, sad..crushing. Standing on the deck, in the cool..indeed…slightly chill…air is like being born waking up from a nightmare. It’s silly, I know. Grief survives year round. But I guess that’s the way the human mind works. August is just, and always will be, a bad time. The anniversaries of the happiest day of my life and the saddest bracketing seemingly endless days of misery.