Bad Climate

It took none other than Eugene Robinson to bring me out of my blogging funk. Eugene’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post opens with this salvo at climate change “deniers”:

“Stop hyperventilating, all you climate change deniers. The purloined e-mail correspondence published by skeptics last week — portraying some leading climate researchers as petty, vindictive and tremendously eager to make their data fit accepted theories — does not prove that global warming is a fraud.”

As usual, Eugene misses the subtly of the reasoning behind the opinions of those he seeks to denigrate. In Eugene’s World, you’re either for the president, or you’re a racist. You’re either for the ReidPelosiObamacare or you’re for the “greedy insurance companies”. You either memorize and revere every frame of “An Inconvenient Truth” or you’re an carbon terrorist.

Earlier this month, hackers, or an insider with a conscience, released thousands of emails and documents lifted from the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. . These documents show some of the world’s “leading climate scientists” behaving in a somewhat less than forthright manner. Emails written to and received by Phil Jones, the head of the Climate Research Unit, seem to contain evidence of efforts to squelch viewpoints opposed to the climate change orthodoxy, rig the peer review process, elude attempts to more widely disseminate the raw data on which much climate change policy is made and massage data in order to fit climate behavior which doesn’t support what climate change alarmist are selling.

These emails don’t prove or disprove that climate change (whether that change means a cooling Earth , a warming Earth or an Earth that’s just staying as is) is occurring. Eugene is correct in that regard. Where Robinson misses the point is that an increasing number of people are losing faith that these scientists really know what they are talking about and, as these documents seem to indicate, they are really willing to go to great lengths to cover that fact up. Instead of furthering knowledge by stimulating debate among different viewpoints, these scientists seem intent on crushing any evidence that suggests they are wrong.

Attempts to trivialize or explain away these emails doesn’t hold water because these are the very “leading climate scientists” cited by politicians who say that man made global warming is a fact and that the debate on the matter is closed. The work these “leading climate scientists” are doing is the basis for hundreds of billions of dollars of taxes Congress wants to impose on us. It’s the basis for the proposed transfer of a trillion dollars in wealth from developed countries to developing countries that the UN is pushing. Its turns the stomach to think that such a massive shift in wealth is based on the word of a bunch of petty scientists who act like a bunch of bickering eighth grade girls, deciding who is “cool” and who is not.

Money, as is the case with most scandals, is what is behind Climategate. Somewhere along the line Phil Jones’ priority went from following the science to following the money. It isn’t lost on Phil that the louder he sounds the alarm the more funding flows to the Climate Research Unit. The “leading climate scientists” have a vested interest in shutting down any voice of dissent which threatens the flow from that spigot. There is an ever-expanding circle of people who use what “leading climate scientists” are saying to get their fingers into the pie. We have Al Gore’s venture capital firm, which is already profiting to the tune of tens of millions of dollars from government contracts to “green” firms in which it invests. We have Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, holding underwater press conferences, trumpeting his nation’s impending doom because of the rise of the oceans. Nasheed, no doubt, has dreams of the billions the UN would have flow from our country to his in payment for our past carbon sins. In this country, proposed legislation will open up a huge market in carbon credit trading. The folks that brought you bundled mortgages, Gordian Knot derivatives and credit default swaps are licking their lips over the billions to be made off “man made climate change”.

The emails and documents brought to light in the wake of Climategate prove nothing as far as the “science” of climate change is concerned except that the debate is far from over and that motives of those who control the data are far from pure. Let’s figure out whether or not the altar at which we’re sacrifice our economic future is built on sand.

The Continued Application Of Flaccid Power

Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Our president, head of state of the nation responsible for its fall and that of the Communist governments of Eastern Europe and ultimately the USSR, will not be attending. Apparently Communism’s demise, the culmination of an existential struggle between free peoples of the world and those who lived under the iron fist of peoples’ dictatorships, is ancient history and deemed not worthy of a presidential visit.
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Where The Hell Is Slick Willy When We Need Him?

The nation, shocked at the tragedy unfolding at Ft. Hood, tunes on the news to listen to the president try to help the country make sense of the tragedy. Here’s what the country gets:

After a couple minutes of small talk and a shout out to someone named Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, the president gets around to addressing the Fort Hood shootings.

I guess I shouldn’t be astounded. I am though. I wonder who the hell is advising this guy. I wonder how this country elected someone who is so out of touch with the majority of the citizens of this nation. I never thought I’d say it, but what we needed at the podium was a little William Jefferson Clinton mojo…he of the teary eye, the quivering lip, the intimate touch of the elbow while shaking hands with someone.

Win/Win Today For America

It appears a suicide may be televised on C-Span today. The House is probably going to vote on Obamacare this afternoon. If the resolution is passed, you’ll get to see the Democratic Party, and probably the president, commit political suicide on your TV. Even now, Democrats are trying to whip up enough voted to get the bill passed.
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Blogging The Birds – Eagles and Gnats

Alrighty…..first place in the NFC East is at stake. Gnats this week, Clownboys the next. A very important two weeks. Blogging from Patrick and Lindsey’s crib.

1:03 – Eagles receive. Some dumbass in a Yankees jacket…my money is on him not making it out of there with all his limbs.

1:04 – Screen to Shady….he looks like that #36 guy out there.
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All Hallows Eve

Spent last evening, Halloween, in Philadelphia at Patrick and Lindsey’s house. People ask me what my favorite holiday is and are surprised when I say, “Halloween”. Of course, I like the whimsy of the holiday, all the spooky decorations, the kids running around trick or treating. But there is something about Halloween and the season it represents, autumn, that touches something deeper inside me…something deeper than an appreciation of Twizzlers and Blow Pops.
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