An Empire State Of Mind

I’m going to make a couple predictions:

1) Gitmo won’t be closed by the time Barack Obama is defeated in his bid for a second term. (Actually that’s two predictions)

2) At this very moment, somewhere in Yemen or the tribal regions of Pakistan, there is a man who will, in the next three years, find himself in U.S. custody with information we very badly need. That man will be waterboarded (although it won’t be called waterboarding…it’ll be called something like “Man Caused Aquatic Annoyance Therapy”).

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Sushi and Me

I just got back from Sushi Friday, a tradition here at work which has shifting group of folks from our department heading over to the local Japanese steak house for some hibachi or, of course, sushi.
When one thinks back on the wreckage of a marriage, one looks for silver linings so as not to face the fact that a decade of misery were all for naught. Alas, my daughter and stepson were more than worth every second of woe during those ten years. Also, without my ex, I may never have tried sushi…
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A Morning In The Life of Maxwell the Pug


Maxwell is a creature of routine. He has his own time and way of doing things and is greatly put out when his schedule is interrupted. He also has a strong sense of proprietorship over my time and attention. Things like “work” , “wife”, “NFL”, “books”, “eating”, “playstation” have no meaning to him. There is a big leather chair in our family room. Max’s career goal…his life goal…is to spend as much time as possible with my ass in that chair and he wedged tightly between my thigh and the chair’s arm.
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Did The President Just Give Me The Finger??

There’s nothing I enjoy more than being lectured about how I need to change. How the country needs to change. How the Republicans need to change. How the military needs to change. How the Senate needs to change. Everybody needed to change, the President told us last night, except of course, Himself. Apparently the answer to America’s opposition to his policies, manifested by the recent election results in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, is a hale and hearty “F*** you, America!”.

I confess to throwing up a little in my mouth last night during what has to be one of the most shameless speeches in the long, and whopper-filled, history of State of the Union speeches. Pundits across the land are cataloging things they didn’t like about the speech, and there was a lot not to like. My feeling as to why the speech fell flat and will do nothing to help his standing is this: people are tired of being treated with condescension. Boil away all the debate about policy and what you get is an angry electorate fed with being taken for idiots. Americans understand their political class through and through and have made a compact with their representatives: romance us with flowers, dinners and a kiss now and again. Pretend you love us, before you screw us. The Obama Administration is giving us the Ned Beatty treatment from Deliverance and then chastising us for not calling and thanking them the morning after.
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