The other day a 3.5 magnitude earthquake..er…rocked suburban Maryland, just outside the city of Rockville. I can imagine that those affected by the tremor were shocked. Earthquakes (strong enough for humans to feel, anyway) don’t happen very often in these parts.

I remember my first experience with earthquakes and, looking back, I probably felt the same as those folks did in Montgomery County. I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but I know I was younger than ten years old, for we still lived on Colonial Street in Philadelphia. The quake, a wee one, occurred in the early morning hours I remember the noise more than the shaking. It sounded to me like a huge truck being driven down the middle of our row of houses.
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No One Knows

I’ve read that US companies (banks among them) are hoarding cash to the tune of 1.8 to 2.5 trillion dollars. The percentage of cash as it relates to a firm’s total assets is rising and the velocity of money (the number of times, for example, the same dollar changes hands) is also declining. (Note: Much like “sasquatch”, “minion” or “lugubrious”, “velocity of money” is one of my favorite words/phrases).
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Spy Games

On June 27th, 10 individuals belonging to a Russian sleeper cell were arrested in the Northeast. Less than two weeks later they are all on a plane to Vienna, where they will be swapped for four Russians accused of spying for the United States.

Something simply does not smell right here. These agents were tasked with recruiting spies within the United States and infiltrating policy making organizations within the U.S. government. I just cannot believe that in two weeks we gleaned every bit of information they had about their operations in this country and, more important, members of other sleeper cells or the names of U.S. citizens they recruited.
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