Back in April, after he was traded, I blogged a thank you to Donovan McNabb. I thought then that, after a respectful interlude, I’d post about the things Donovan did or didn’t do which drove the average Philadelphia sports fan nuts. Donovan’s recent WAAAAAAHHHHHH-fest in GQ seemed like a good time resurrect the subject.

In the GQ article, McNabb says that his lack of urgency during the Super Bowl was due to slow play calling and confusion as to whether or not Terrell Owens coming out or staying in the game. He blames his lack of knowledge of overtime rules in Cincinnati on an official on the field at the time. Of his relationship with the Eagle’s front office, Donovan opines, “they didn’t have my back.”
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Ground Zero Mosque (Redux)…In Which Our President Stomps on a Flaming Bag of Dog Poo

The President, at a White House dinner last Friday to observe the beginning of Ramadan, came out forcefully in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. In one fell swoop, he elevated what for weeks Robert Gibbs had been calling a local zoning issue to a national picking of the scab that has yet (and may never) to heal.

The next day, he was still in favor of the mosque, except not so much. Turns out what he meant was that Muslims had the right to build a mosque in lower Manhattan. He would not, however, comment on whether or not that was a good idea.
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A Mosque at Ground Zero

Debate continues to rage about plans to build the Cordoba House, a mosque and community center, some 600 feet from the Ground Zero site in New York. Many consider these plans a gross act of insensitivity. Some question motives of the project’s chief booster, Abdul Rauf, who refuses to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization and who, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, stated that he did not think the US “had it coming”, before implying that it did. Even the proposed name of the site stirs up controversy. Cordoba was the capital of Muslim occupied Spain. Some suggest the name symbolizes 9/11 as a victory in Islam’s war over the corrupt West. Proponents of the mosque say it is an act of outreach by the moderate Muslim community; an attempt to heal the wounds caused by 9/11.
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In Praise of Blake, the Taco Bell Guy

Monday was a sad anniversary. Anything I do to remember Jill is half smiles inside thinking of the simple joy of being around her and the gut melting pain of dealing with fact that she is no longer here; that she never will be here.

Jill loved Taco Bell (which she called Taco Bells when she was little). She loved eating there and her first real job was working at the Taco Bell in Red Bluff, California. She had been working there for about a week and was driving there when she had her accident.
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