Eagles Diary – 9/28/2010

Andy Reid made me look bad a week ago. I’d just constructed a testimonial to his wisdom for sticking with Kevin Kolb as starter. About five minutes after I pressed the “post” button came news that he reversed himself and named Michael Vick the team’s starter.
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Eagles Diary – 9/21/2010

The Eagles pulled on out in Detroit on Sunday, putting up 35 points on a team that has won about six games since the US kicked Saddam’s ass….the first time. Unfortunately, they also gave up 32 points in a bizarre, strangely entertaining game.

There’s no getting around it: Michael Vick played very well. He looked like something I’ve rarely seen him look like before: an NFL quarterback.
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Eagles Diary – 9/17/2010

I come into this season with low expectations. Unfortunately, those expectations were met and exceeded (not in a good way) last Sunday. The Kevin Kolb era could not have gotten off to a more inauspicious start. The sour taste of the first half against Green Bay was not erased by the Michael Vick’s scintillating comeback attempt. Even if the Eagles had managed to pull out a victory, I’m not sure the win would have been satisfying, given the mayhem and destruction visited upon the Eagles that day.
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