Eagles Diary-11/30/2010

Eagles 26 Bears 31

The headlines around the country coming out of Sunday’s loss to the Bears is that Michael Vick is human after all. Interesting words for a quarterback and an offense that have put up almost sixty points in the last couple weeks against two of the top defenses in the league. Even given the Eagles’ ongoing red zone futility, scoring 26 on the road against a very good defense (which going into the game gave up an average of two touchdowns a game) is a fine effort by an offense and should have been good enough to win. Even with the brutally ill-timed interception late in the first half, Vick and the offense were not the reason the Eagles lost the game.
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Thanks Hindus, For Being Human

A Muslim demonstrates with all the restraint and sense of proportion for which Islam is famous.

Ah…another day, another example of the double standard that is the way we treat Islam. Before reading further, I would refer you to my My Boilerplate Discussion of Islam Caveat Page, which contains all the standard caveats and qualifications about respecting and loving Muslims..blah blah blah…
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There’s A Little Monster In Us All….

When Michael Vick signed with the Eagles in 2009, I held my nose. Up until a few months ago, coming to terms with my love of the team and Vick’s torturing and killing of dogs in his care didn’t present much of a problem. I felt it was one of endurance: I thought that once Kevin Kolb took the reins of the club, the Michael Vick experiment would be over within the year and the moral dilemma he presented would be the problem of some other team’s fans.
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Irish Eyes Are Not Smiling Tonight

The Tiger is dead. Ireland spent the last decade and a half going from one of Europe’s backwaters to one of its wealthiest nations. That wealth has been wiped out by government policies in Ireland which promoted a housing bubble that made US homebuyers look restrained in comparison. The burst bubble is manifested by hundreds of “ghost estates” containing thousands of newly built homes which will never be lived in because no one can afford to buy them.
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Eagles Diary – 11/22/2010

Eagles 27 Giants 17

The dawn of time, it seems like now. I remember the elation I felt on September 3, 2000 when an upstart Eagles team went down to Dallas and gave an epic ass-handing to the Cowboys. Second year head coach Andy Reid famously started The Pickle Juice Game, and the season, with an onsides kick and the Eagles, led by Donovan McNabb, went on to win 41-14. After several years in the wilderness, the Eagles had emphatically arrived.
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Eagles Diary – 11/16/2010

Here’s a bit of advice Donnie Mac: beware of the Avenge the Revenge Game Game. Karma has a way of biting someone in the ass and karma struck the guy who had proclaimed after the Redskins beat the Eagles on October 3 (after a 8/19 129 1 TD 1 INT performance) that the Eagles had made as mistake in trading him. I predicted then that he was going to get hit by a freight train during the rematch and I wasn’t too far off. Last night the Redskins started a fight with the Eagles as they exited the field after pre-game warm-ups. The Eagles, with alacrity and extreme prejudice, finished the fight, and made history doing it.
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Let The Music Be Your Master Part 1: The Miracle of the IPod

This is the first in a series of blogs I’ve decided to inflict on my readers (a big thanks to the both of you) about my questionable taste in music.

Yesterday on Facebook a friend of mine posted that she had a song she was listening to on her iPod (Little Queen by Heart). I too have this song on my iPod Shuffle. I have many songs on my iPod shuffle, including the complete album catalog of Led Zeppelin. I never imagined, twenty years ago when I bought my first computer, that I’d be able to fit a Led Zeppelin album, let alone their complete catalog with plenty of room to spare, on a device half the size of a pack of gum.
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My primary reason in starting this blog was to get myself to write every day. I figured that if I had a place such as this to write, I’d be a bit more disciplined about it. As far as discipline is concerned, I’ve had mixed success. There have been periods where I’ve written almost every day. Sometimes I’d go a month without writing anything here.
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An Unfriending

Warning….this blog may break the record for the number of times the word “friend” is used in such a small space

“Unfriend” What a funny word. Was it even a word five years ago? To Friend and UnFriend. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

This week I unfriended someone for the very first time.
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