Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Alas, Nostraseamus has been stirred from his slumber. What, my hundreds of millions of loyal readers would ask, prompted this awakening? Scenes of the apocalypse visited upon Japan? The flame of Arab revolt marching across the Middle East and North Africa? Epic legislative warfare over the budget deficit? No, no and no. What has inflamed my passion (and not in a good way) is a person called…Snooki.
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Answering the Call

My only confirmed reader west of the Mississippi (perhaps I flatter myself by making the “west of the Mississippi” distinction) pinged me the other day about the lack of activity from Nostraseamus. A quick check of the blog shows my last post being made on February 22. That was around the time I became enslaved by a new addiction so powerful that I’ve been battling the impulse to go Howard Hughes and withdraw completely from the human world, sitting bearded, unkempt and naked in a dark room feeding my craving.
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