Eagles Diary – 9/14/2011

Eagles 31 Rams 13

In an earlier blog, I made the observation that the season would live and die on the offensive line and the young linebacker corps. So when the Rams defense bum rushed the Eagles on their first offensive series and Steven Jackson blew through the Eagles defense for a 47 yard TD on the Ram’s first offensive series, I was, to say the least worried.
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Eagles Diary – 9/9/2011

I must admit…I thought last night would never arrive. I say that in the literal, not the figurative sense. Once the lockout began in early March, I swung between anger and despondence. On one hand we had guys making millions of dollars a year playing a game complaining that they were victims of modern-day slavery. On the other, owners who commute to and from practice fields in private helicopters crying “poor”. I prepared myself for the possibility of no football this fall by simply ignoring all NFL related news for most of the summer. In the event that the two sides in the dispute couldn’t figure out how to divide a 9 billion dollar pie and keep the NFL juggernaut rolling, I’d simply stop caring.
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