Zero Dark Thirty


Went to see Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty last week. The movie is about the search for Osama Bin Laden and the raid that resulted in him becoming fish food. It’s basically the story of “Maya”, a CIA analyst who pieces together the puzzle of where Bin Laden had been hiding since perpetrating 9/11.

I very much enjoyed the movie. Having a bit of first hand knowledge of how our nation’s intelligence apparatus functions, I’ve always been a bit peeved at how the intelligence community is portrayed in movies and on TV. According to Hollywood, the FBI, CIA, NRO and NSA are all interchangeable. The people working in these organizations have unlimited information instantly available to them. They all work in pristine, sleek state of the art operations centers, chock full of the latest communications equipment and thirty foot high high definition monitors. Bad guy on the PA Turnpike? The Hollywood CIA agent can instantly bring up the guy’s photo at a toll booth, order a drone strike on him and, when the missile misses, board a helicopter and take the terrorist down in a shootout somewhere outside Harrisburg.
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Monsters Among Us

norman bates

It’s been  a month since Adam Lanza shot 27 people to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty of the victims were children. Well, maybe not children. I call my nieces and their late twenties and early thirties “kids”. These murdered were babies.
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Eagles Dairy – 1/17/2013


Chip-KellyAnd so it is Chip Kelly.

Well, that’s a good Irish name, to start with. When I heard that he was to become the next Eagles head coach, I first wondered whether we were going to get the visionary who advises such august NFL personages as Bill Belichick or Steve Spurrier.  I had a front row seat to the Ole Ball Coach Show. Spurrier claimed he could make the Run ‘n Gun work anywhere and expectations in Washington were high after, in his debut season, Spurrier set the preseason scoring record. Alas, regular season football beckoned, and Spurrier could not answer the call.
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Musings On A Warm Day In January

I made a resolution at the turn of the year to try to write a blog post every week. Well, that’s not really the resolution, because if I’d resolved to try to write a blog post every week, I’d have nailed it. I resolved to actually write one every week.

As the week dissolved away, however, I found excuses not to make an entry…my latest being that I am sick. I also couldn’t thing of anything to write. This is a hangup…probably the hangup, I have about writing. I don’t write anything unless (I think) I have something to say. Something profound, relevant. And I don’t write anything unless I think someone will read it.
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Eagles Diary – 1/4/2013

arAnd so it ends. Last Monday, December 31st, Andy Reid was fired after fourteen years as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. The season began with the death of Garrett Reid and the whole endeavor had a very funereal feel to it. Really, the only enjoyable moment I had was Nick Fole’s last minute pass to beat Tampa.
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