Eagles Diary 9/30/2013

Broncos 52 Eagles 3o

At the end of Platoon, our boys find themselves near the border with Cambodia, hunkered down in fox holes, surrounded by thousands of NVA. We see Dale Dye on the radio, listening live as a company of American soldiers sent out earlier to do some recon is cut to pieces.

Charlie Sheen and Corey Glover are sitting alone in their hole that night, peering into the dark jungle. Suddenly a flare trips and a figure comes running toward them, arms in the air,  pleading for them not to shoot. Charlie Sheen’s Taylor rightly identifies the guy as a bloodied, battered survivor of the company that was destroyed earlier.

The survivor staggers up to the fox hole and falls into it. He  is hysterical and starts screaming,

 They wiped us out, man! We didn’t have a chance! Where’s the CP?!
You guys get outta here!
They’re right on my ass! They ain’t stopping for shit!

To my friends in the NFC East..Peyton Manning’s coming….and he ain’t stopping for shit……


Eagles Diary 9/26/2013


Chiefs 26 Eagles 16

I promised promised promised myself this year I would write one of these after every game, no matter how deflated I was after a loss. It’s always tough, because I don’t want to think about it, yet at the same time can’t stop thinking about it.

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Eagles Diary 9/18/2013

Chargers 33 Eagles 30

Every fan base in the NFL has its own unique pathology. It usually revolves around the word “optimism”. The Redskins fan’s optimism has no grounding in reality. The size of a Cowboys fan’s optimism is in direct proportion to the size of the bandwagon he’s riding on, which usually empties around Thanksgiving.

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Work, bitch.


This day, upon opened up Facebook, I  found the following post:

 You know, I’d been getting pretty good at ignoring the pestilence of our society (I speak, of course, of celebrities and the needlessly and senselessly rich) but occasionally one of them does something so vulgar, so idiotic, and so toxic (hahahaha I made a funny) that I just can’t help but get pissed.

Britney Spears new single “Work Bitch” is possibly the most ignorant and dickish song I’ve ever heard. I include Paris Hilton’s discography, so understand my full meaning. Her lyrics harken back to rich right wing rhetoric during the “Occupy” days, of “It’s your fault you’re poor. Just go get a job, hippies.”

It blows my mind that artists so well grounded as One Republic and Rise Against fall under the same title as insane, moronic trash as Mrs. Spears. May she one day be gifted with the life experiences she needs to gain empathy for those she rails against.

TL;DR: Fuck you, britney spears.

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Eagles Diary 9/10/2013


Eagles 33 Redskins 27

I spent a good part of the winter mourning Andy Reid. While the Eagles had enjoyed the greatest period of success in franchise history during the tenure of the rotund one, ultimately that decade plus was frustrating and somewhat exhausting.

A bold move, I thought, hiring Chip Kelly. In the back of my mind, throughout the draft, OTAs, camp and preseason, the one thing I thought was “Please, don’t let this guy be another Steve Spurrier.”

The old excitement returned this weekend. By the time 5:00 rolled around yesterday at work, I was too excited to get anything done and thankful for a 6:55 kickoff against the Redskins.

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Book Review – Vampires in the Lemon Grove

lemon grove

4  stars out of 5 on Amazon and Goodreads

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Almost as soon as I started to read, I wanted to write. Most of the time reading inspires me to write. But there are times when I come across an author who uses the language with such precision and beauty that, after putting down the book, I throw up my hands and say “Who am I kidding?” T. Coraghessan Boyle is a writer like that. So to, I’ve found, is Karen Russell.
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Looks Tasty

jarritosThe unofficial end of summer is upon us. The weather here isn’t cooperating, though. This summer has been a very pleasant one, with few scorching, oppressive days. Indeed, there were some mornings I walked and I could see my breath. Next week lows in the 50’s are returning.

But today it’s muggy. Being outside is like being wrapped in a hot, wet blanket. Last night, while I was sitting at the table on the deck minding the steaks on the grill, the cicadas were deafening and the odd mosquito or two landed on me. When I think of the dog days of summer….the days of summer I really hate, I think of yesterday evening. Days and days and days of that. We’ve been fortunate to miss that during this summer of 2013.

I usually don’t click sidebar ads, but I one that caught my eye while reading an article in the Atlantic Monthly. Grinning skeletons surrounded by brightly colored fruit. I clicked the ad to watch the video:


If you want to sell me anything, go with the Day of the Dead theme and I’m immediately hooked. I’ve never heard of Jarrito soft drinks before today. They sound tasty. There are a couple Mexican markets which have opened up in Charles Town over the past year or so. I visited one awhile back because I needed an ingredient for chipotle bbq sauce I couldn’t find anywhere else. I bet they carry Jarrito. Fruity drinks made from real sugar. I think one would go down good on a muggy day such as this.