215 and Heaven and Hell

August has just about left us. For personal, and meteorological, reasons, this is is the month I like least. The oppressive heat that makes its appearance in July sits down and makes to stay. The projects I worked so hard on during the spring and into the early summer are neglected. Sloth rules.

Usually. We have been blessed with a very mild summer and this more than anything, I think, has allowed me to keep faithful to working out. I am up to between 3 and 3 and a half miles a day now, and six miles on my long runs. I have conquered the Terminator, the long hill that climbs from the river up to the park visitors center. I have dropped from 221 pounds on August 1 to 215 today. Since I started working out in late May, that makes 18 pounds lost. 28 since early February.

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4 and 220

After three days off, a long run today. I just finished four miles on the canal trail. The sky on the walk down was overcast. The footbridge across the Potomac was wet and slick, as if a shower had passed through not to long before. I ran two miles towards Brunswick this time and two miles back.

It stayed overcast and while it was relatively cool, the humidity was a bit oppressive. I took stock at the end of the run: my body felt fine and my breathing was fine. The biggest problem was sweat in my eyes. I’m trying to build up some mental toughness here and at times really have to talk myself to keep going even though I’m suffering no real discomfort. Sweat in my eyes did not help with that.

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A Challenging Week

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.25.06 AM

A new route this week, starting on Monday. Up the gentle swells of Washington Street, before turning onto the tough hill that is Whitman Avenue. The end of Whitman Avenue is Bolivar Heights and the view is worth the tough climb. Whitman turns right onto Prospect. The hill continues here, but at a noticeably shallower grade. Then comes the long downhill along Cheney Avenue and finally Old Furnace Road.  A little over 2.1 miles, with that big ass hill in the middle.

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