Of Nipples and Dead Cats

The air has turned cool this week and I very much welcome that. The first two weeks of September, with their warm, humid August hangover, have not been pleasant. My runs this week have been faster and longer. I’ve been relaxed and, though I’ve pushed myself, I haven’t felt that soul sucking desperation that accompanies runs on a warm day.

My workouts have not come without some problems, though. Namely nipple problems. A week and a half ago, on a Sunday, I ran seven miles on the towpath…my longest yet. Once again I was sweating up a storm. About have way through I started chaffing. By the time I had run six miles, my man-schmeebs were in agony. I was using one hand to hold my shirt away from my body.

I spent the rest of the day with A and D ointment smeared on. The ointment bled through my t-shirt, so it looked like I was lactating. Eventually they roughened and toughened up a bit. In the three months or so I’ve been doing this, I haven’t had anything really more than some stiffness and soreness in my muscles and joints. Enflamed and enraged nipples have been my worst sports injury so far. Now that the weather is cooling off, I might head up to Shepherdstown on the towpath one of these Sundays. I’m thinking some gauze and duct tape might be in order.

This past Monday, the weather was blessedly cool. I was running down the main drag in town when I passed by a house, on whose small lawn laid a cat. An adult orange tabby. At first I thought he was asleep. He had no sign of trauma and appeared healthy. As I ran up on him, though, I saw that he was dead. I wondered if the cold had gotten him. No doubt it was cooler than it’s been, but the temperature had only sipped into the upper 40s. Perhaps he was old or sick. And had picked this place to lie down and die.

I can’t think too much about this, really, or I start to tear up. As I said, he looked pretty healthy. I hope that he had a home somewhere and that he had been loved. And that he saw a nice piece of lawn to lay on and just went to sleep, not waking up.

My legs feel heavy today. I think I shall take the morrow off.

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