I was going to write a post about how during the month of September saw me backsliding a bit as far as working out was concerned. Looking back on Garmin Connect, though, that would have been me being unfair to me. I looked back at my activity over the last few weeks and there’s nothing there to be ashamed of. Indeed, given some of the headwinds I was facing, I did quite well.

I realize now that the annual August malaise bled somewhat into September. The past month has been a particularly difficult time at work. Without getting too far into the weeds, there are two systems we had to upgrade which are vital to the company. Without these two databases, the company cannot do business. I was heading up this project and remembered when we did something similar a couple years back. Then, as now, I made myself sick with worry. There was no reason to think the upgrade would not proceed successfully. However, on the off chance that something went awry, the company could have been down for hours, of not a couple days.

Leading up to the upgrade (the last week of September), I managed to work out regularly, though I lost a lot of sleep and my eating habits took a dive. The week of, I worked out sporadically and when the thing was over, treated myself to a couple stiff drinks and a couple days of doing nothing that required any brain or body effort. I got hack on the horse the following Monday and ran a very quick (with the eternal qualifier, “for me”) two and a half miles. The result was a nice bout of what I think was tendonitis in my heel. Another four days gone to rest and recuperate.

The last week or so has seen me climb back on the horse. I’ve gotten back to basics, not worrying so much about time and concentrating on distance. The weather has been cool and the mornings beautiful. These have indeed been very satisfying workouts.

The one thing I do have to watch very closely is diet. We hired a receptionist at work about a month ago. The candy bowl at the front desk has thus been refilled regularly. I’ve been pouring sugar into my body, which is a big no no and probably accounts for the fact that, though I am running, my weight loss is not on the trajectory I’d like it to be.

All in all, though, I am satisfied. And I must follow my injunction against flogging myself if I occasionally  miss a workout or have a big lunch.

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