I began this blog during the 2008 presidential election. I was fired up. John McCain was a hero of mine and I thought he’d make a hell of a better president than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Obama was elected and I think him a very poor president. Not because he’s black. Not because I think he was born in Kenya. Not because I think he’s a Muslim. Politics has been called the art of the possible. We live in a system where winning an election buys you a seat at the table. At that table you must work with others to get things done. President Obama doesn’t do this. He doesn’t play well with others. In his mind politics is a zero sum game. It goes beyond not acknowledging that nearly 50% of the country does not agree with his policies. He’s tells that other half of the country that they are wrong headed, that they are, at best simpletons, at worse agents of evil. Purveyors of inequality and racism.

I don’t doubt that problems like racism, inequality and climate change exist. I would probably disagree with a Democrat on the level of danger these things present to our nation. What separates me from Barack Obama and his fellow travelers is that I think a Leviathonesque government is not the solution to the problem.

My blog posts started diminishing after the 2012 election. I literally could not believe that people would elect this man president again. I just preferred not to think about it. My fire to put pen to paper about politics diminished a great deal.

Part of that defeat, and defeats in the 2010 elections, lies squarely at the feet of the Republican Party. I have come to discover that I am not an Orthodox Republican. Many of my positions on social issues, for example, are definitely left of right. But now when I look at candidates, their issues on this issue or that are less important to me their ability to work together with people to get things done. That and an ability to prioritize the nations problems and tackle those that are most pressing.

Drudge’s headlines these past couple weeks have featured “Obamatrade”. The president is attempting to get fast track negotiating authority for a Pacific Rim trade pact. Democrats and their union supporters are against the pact, but by and large there is bipartisan support for it. Drudge, and other conservative commentators, seem to be against this trade pact simply because Obama is for it. I’m tired of this sort of thinking. So tired of it.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare subsidies, saying that ambiguous language in the bill didn’t mean that the citizens of some states did not get subsidies, while some do. A ruling against such subsidies would have torpedoed the bill.

I don’t see any other serious legal challenges for Obamacare on the horizon. So what I want to see, especially going into the 2016 election year, is for Republicans to put Obamacare on the back burner. Let it die of it’s own weight and contradictions. Propose practical solutions on immigration. Propose practical solutions for entitlement reform. Let people screw whomever and smoke whatever they want. Leave them more money in their paychecks to do it. Deal in an effective way with the dangerous world we live in. From a position of strength.

And most important, get people to stop believing Obama’s mantra that this nation is not the greatest in history and that we need to go about our lives with our heads hung in shame. The problem is not that this country has lost its greatness. Its that Democrats have made us all believe that it has.

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