Not A Bad Place At All To Be

I posted “Ennui” yesterday before the Supreme Court ruled yesterday in favor of gay marriage. Since then I’ve seen an outpouring of joy over that ruling in the news and on social media.

There are many opinions about this topic. Some, on either end of the spectrum, feel very strongly about it. Yet when the decision was handed down, you saw no buildings being burned or people beating on each other. That’s not how, for the most part, this country rolls.

Over this past week, I’ve also seen support for the members of the Charleston AME church and a rising tide of voices calling for an end to the official sanction of the display of the Confederate flag. People across the south are (peacefully) deciding the flag must go. I’m sure many of them have mixed feelings about it, as it is truly part of their heritage. But many of those same people do realize that it is an affront to a sizable part of our population.

I prefer to think of these two, separate movements as more indicative of what our country is all about. The terrorist who shot up the Charleston AME does not truly represent our country. The tens of thousands of people who’ve shown support for the church and the victims are.

That’s why I get tied up in knots when the president steps up to the microphone and us about our shortcomings. He should step back and not just look at the tragedy, but the reaction to it. We are a rather good people, we Americans.


The Gays

A close decision, but the Supreme Court today decided that marriage was a right for all, straight or gay.

I’m a traditional guy. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That said, I’m pretty sure that if I were in a voting booth and had to pull a lever either for or against, I couldn’t, with clear conscience, vote against gay marriage. I couldn’t walk out of a voting booth and look into the eyes of people I know who are gay and whom I care about and tell them I voted against a chance to experience the happiness straight men and women enjoy.

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Nobody’s Fault But….Someone Else’s


I recently read an editorial by George Will about the ruination of Detroit. There have many articles and opinion pieces written about Detroit’s bankruptcy recently and they all catalog the reasons for the city’s demise: unions, big corporations, corruption, white flight to the suburbs. The amount of credence one gives to any one of these explanations depends on what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Those right of center lay a lot of blame on unions while those on the other side of the spectrum blame the evil, profit hungry corporations for moving out of the state to where labor is cheaper.

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Zimmerman Walks

220px-TrayvonMartinHoodedAnd so George Zimmerman, the CNN-described “white Latino” accused of killing Trayvon Martin, walks and the trial, with it’s uniquely American bitch’s brew of media frenzy, armchair litigation and racial politics is over.

I’ll say up front that I did not follow the trial day in and day out. I’ll also say that, while I think those who feel aggrieved by this verdict are misguided, I commend them for their restraint in peacefully protesting the outcome. Their behavior is by far the most noble thing to come out of this whole tragic, sordid affair.

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Monsters Among Us

norman bates

It’s been  a month since Adam Lanza shot 27 people to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty of the victims were children. Well, maybe not children. I call my nieces and their late twenties and early thirties “kids”. These murdered were babies.
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Chicken Wars own views on gay marriage are somewhere near the bottom of the post

Not too long ago, a certain individual defended on religious grounds his conviction that marriage was defined as a union between one man and one woman. Surely this vile Neanderthal was ostracized for his hateful beliefs. Certainly the career he built tanked because of such hateful and bigoted views, after which he was banished from polite and civilized society.
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American Dreamer

Out on the internet there’s a photo taken in the 1950’s purportedly showing someone’s idea of what the home computer of the future would look like. The photo showed a huge, gray metal monstrosity, covering an entire wall, with dozens of buttons, dials and levers. Pictured also in the photo is the bespectacled egghead you’d presumably have to rent to run the thing.
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Greek Tragedy

In ancient times, the Greeks staged plays which, in part, were cautionary tales. They showed how baser human traits of human nature, like hubris, greed and jealousy led men, inevitably, down the path of ruin. The modern Greek tragedy unfolding illustrates that, no matter what the consequences of ignorance, some lessons are never learned. For our own sake, I do hope we as a nation look to Europe and learn some things about the evils of world government, the culture of entitlement and easy money.
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Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Alas, Nostraseamus has been stirred from his slumber. What, my hundreds of millions of loyal readers would ask, prompted this awakening? Scenes of the apocalypse visited upon Japan? The flame of Arab revolt marching across the Middle East and North Africa? Epic legislative warfare over the budget deficit? No, no and no. What has inflamed my passion (and not in a good way) is a person called…Snooki.
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Going Rogue

Something happened last week which will significantly affect every American. No, it was not the ass handing Republicans gave the Democrats on November 2. What happened was that the Federal Reserve broke out the ink, paper and press, printed 600 billion dollars and dumped it into the economy. The technical term is quantitative easing. The layman’s term is “pulling 600 billion dollars out of thin air”. The Feds aim here is to stave off deflation and lighten long term interest rates, giving incentive to those hoarding dollars to start circulating them again.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in economics to know that when you introduce more of “something” into an economy, the value of that something goes down. It’s the same with dollars. The dollar will lose its value and everything from the price of a gallon of gas to a hotel room in Stockholm will rise because most of the world’s trade is conducted in dollars, which will now be worth less than they once were.
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