Death of a Book Salesman

My love of books borders on fetish. I love holding them, reading them, possessing them, just looking at them sitting on shelves. When a friend offers to lend me a book I politely refuse because I know I don’t have it in me to return it. One of the world’s most pleasurable smells is that of stack after stack of old, hardbound books in a large library. There are few things that give me more pleasure than reading a book.
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Muttonheads of the Week: Joy Behar and Eve Ensler

When I started this blog, every now and then I’d post about my “Idiot of the Week”. I’ve never liked using the term “idiot” because calling someone like Eugene Robinson an idiot is to demean the ancient and noble profession of idiotry. So I’ve some up with a new epithet: Muttonhead. The pickings were very easy this week.

Behold intellectual giants Joy Behar and Eve Ensler:

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Mount Tambora, Frankenstein and Climate Change

When you are bent at the shovel for twelve hours, you do a lot of thinking.


In April of 1815 a volcano called Mount Tambora erupted in what is now Indonesia. The eruption, classified by volcanologists as “super-colossal” was about twenty times more powerful than the Mt St. Helens eruption in 1980 and was heard 1600 miles away. The eruption knocked 5000 ft off the 14000 ft Mount Tambora. Much of that 5000 feet of mountain circled the globe for the next year in the form of a giant ash cloud. The result was 1816’s “Year Without A Summer”. Temperatures plummeted and Quebec received a foot of snow in June. River ice was observed in Pennsylvania in July and August. Crops failed, resulting in famine in many parts of the world.
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I had planned on posting a statement of renewed commitment to writing on my blog with the coming of the new year…but this proved too irresistible:

I find it deliciously appropriate that, in the wake of the ClimateGate scandal, which revealed the lengths fear mongering scientists will go to cook the books in support of their positions, that Al Gore’s new book Our Choice: A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis features a satellite image of Earth with four hurricanes Photoshopped into it.