I have dreams sometimes about the dead I know. They are probably not at all unusual. In my dreams the dead are as a live as I remember them. Inside the dream I feel exhilaration. Exhileration that they are their next to me. Inside the dream I feel that their death has been some misunderstanding that has been cleared up so that we can have this wonderful reunion.

A dream I had last night was different. In it I was laughing and talking with my daughter Jill. But the difference here was that I knew she was going to die that summer. As we visited with one and other I felt an immense sadness and sorrow for her. She happily left me and within my dream I found my wife. I told her it was important that we carry on for Jill as though nothing dreadful was going to happen during the coming August. She must have no idea about her impending demise. I seemed fixated on the need to get her college applications in, because if we didn’t, she’d know something was up…then the dream, as they often do, just sank…dissolved..slipped away somewhere hidden inside my brain….