Work, bitch.


This day, upon opened up Facebook, I  found the following post:

 You know, I’d been getting pretty good at ignoring the pestilence of our society (I speak, of course, of celebrities and the needlessly and senselessly rich) but occasionally one of them does something so vulgar, so idiotic, and so toxic (hahahaha I made a funny) that I just can’t help but get pissed.

Britney Spears new single “Work Bitch” is possibly the most ignorant and dickish song I’ve ever heard. I include Paris Hilton’s discography, so understand my full meaning. Her lyrics harken back to rich right wing rhetoric during the “Occupy” days, of “It’s your fault you’re poor. Just go get a job, hippies.”

It blows my mind that artists so well grounded as One Republic and Rise Against fall under the same title as insane, moronic trash as Mrs. Spears. May she one day be gifted with the life experiences she needs to gain empathy for those she rails against.

TL;DR: Fuck you, britney spears.

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Nobody’s Fault But….Someone Else’s


I recently read an editorial by George Will about the ruination of Detroit. There have many articles and opinion pieces written about Detroit’s bankruptcy recently and they all catalog the reasons for the city’s demise: unions, big corporations, corruption, white flight to the suburbs. The amount of credence one gives to any one of these explanations depends on what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Those right of center lay a lot of blame on unions while those on the other side of the spectrum blame the evil, profit hungry corporations for moving out of the state to where labor is cheaper.

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Change Is In The Air…and It Ain’t Smellin’ Too Good

Why won't anybody hire me?

Thank you, Occupiers. Thank you oh so very much those participating in the Occupy Wall Street/Atlanta/Mordor/My Ass protests. You have provided levity and wonder after weekend of horrid sports news coming out of Philadelphia. Browsing the web for news of the protests (on sites, would you believe, other than FoxNews or Drudge Report), there are things I’ve seen that have made me smile and there are things I wish I could unsee.
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Going Medieval

The businessman as master of the universe is a relatively new phenomenon. From Roman times, when senators were restricted from commerce (but still made a lot of money through complicated, secret arrangements with those unfettered from such restrictions) through the middle ages, when trade and banking were sometimes considered an affront to God, those whose business is business were at best looked down upon and at worst demonized. It was only after governments (of all sorts) learned that killing the geese that lay the golden eggs was counterproductive, that economic opportunity and prosperity spread.

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Greek Tragedy

In ancient times, the Greeks staged plays which, in part, were cautionary tales. They showed how baser human traits of human nature, like hubris, greed and jealousy led men, inevitably, down the path of ruin. The modern Greek tragedy unfolding illustrates that, no matter what the consequences of ignorance, some lessons are never learned. For our own sake, I do hope we as a nation look to Europe and learn some things about the evils of world government, the culture of entitlement and easy money.
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Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Alas, Nostraseamus has been stirred from his slumber. What, my hundreds of millions of loyal readers would ask, prompted this awakening? Scenes of the apocalypse visited upon Japan? The flame of Arab revolt marching across the Middle East and North Africa? Epic legislative warfare over the budget deficit? No, no and no. What has inflamed my passion (and not in a good way) is a person called…Snooki.
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Irish Eyes Are Not Smiling Tonight

The Tiger is dead. Ireland spent the last decade and a half going from one of Europe’s backwaters to one of its wealthiest nations. That wealth has been wiped out by government policies in Ireland which promoted a housing bubble that made US homebuyers look restrained in comparison. The burst bubble is manifested by hundreds of “ghost estates” containing thousands of newly built homes which will never be lived in because no one can afford to buy them.
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A Clarifying Moment

Every now and again I stumble upon a paragraph, a sentence or phrase that perfectly encapsulates how liberals think. This morning I was reading another Joan Walsh diatribe on Salon (no..I didn’t go there of my own free will…I was redirected by RealClearPolitics) about the filthy, parasitic imperialist, capitalist vampires: the Rich. Walsh bemoans the casualties in “the war against the middle class”, which would increase dramatically if the Bush tax cuts were made permanent:

” And it could throw the country back into the recession from which it’s barely recovered, since paying more money to the uber-rich would make spending on jobs or any other kind of recovery measures almost impossible.”
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Going Rogue

Something happened last week which will significantly affect every American. No, it was not the ass handing Republicans gave the Democrats on November 2. What happened was that the Federal Reserve broke out the ink, paper and press, printed 600 billion dollars and dumped it into the economy. The technical term is quantitative easing. The layman’s term is “pulling 600 billion dollars out of thin air”. The Feds aim here is to stave off deflation and lighten long term interest rates, giving incentive to those hoarding dollars to start circulating them again.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in economics to know that when you introduce more of “something” into an economy, the value of that something goes down. It’s the same with dollars. The dollar will lose its value and everything from the price of a gallon of gas to a hotel room in Stockholm will rise because most of the world’s trade is conducted in dollars, which will now be worth less than they once were.
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No One Knows

I’ve read that US companies (banks among them) are hoarding cash to the tune of 1.8 to 2.5 trillion dollars. The percentage of cash as it relates to a firm’s total assets is rising and the velocity of money (the number of times, for example, the same dollar changes hands) is also declining. (Note: Much like “sasquatch”, “minion” or “lugubrious”, “velocity of money” is one of my favorite words/phrases).
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