Work, bitch.


This day, upon opened up Facebook, I  found the following post:

 You know, I’d been getting pretty good at ignoring the pestilence of our society (I speak, of course, of celebrities and the needlessly and senselessly rich) but occasionally one of them does something so vulgar, so idiotic, and so toxic (hahahaha I made a funny) that I just can’t help but get pissed.

Britney Spears new single “Work Bitch” is possibly the most ignorant and dickish song I’ve ever heard. I include Paris Hilton’s discography, so understand my full meaning. Her lyrics harken back to rich right wing rhetoric during the “Occupy” days, of “It’s your fault you’re poor. Just go get a job, hippies.”

It blows my mind that artists so well grounded as One Republic and Rise Against fall under the same title as insane, moronic trash as Mrs. Spears. May she one day be gifted with the life experiences she needs to gain empathy for those she rails against.

TL;DR: Fuck you, britney spears.

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Nobody’s Fault But….Someone Else’s


I recently read an editorial by George Will about the ruination of Detroit. There have many articles and opinion pieces written about Detroit’s bankruptcy recently and they all catalog the reasons for the city’s demise: unions, big corporations, corruption, white flight to the suburbs. The amount of credence one gives to any one of these explanations depends on what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Those right of center lay a lot of blame on unions while those on the other side of the spectrum blame the evil, profit hungry corporations for moving out of the state to where labor is cheaper.

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Yes, I Care

afghan hoax

One day last week my dander was raised by a post I found on my Facebook newsfeed. (I pause here wondering if this whole post is just an excuse to use the phrase “my dander was raised”).

I see a lot of these on Facebook and usually, after an enthusiastic huruumph, I move on. Now, I know that 99 times out of a hundred, these didn’t originate with the “friend” who shared it. Still, it’s pretty smug and presumptuous to put something on a friend’s newsfeed saying, in effect, if you don’t share this post, you care nothing about the people who suffered the tragedy described therein. The phrase “I bet no one cares enough” is particularly galling, because it basically tells me that, “You’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I know you and I’m thinking you’re a dirtbag who won’t post my ode the fallen heroes.”

What makes this particular post idiotic is that, even though I received it just last week, the event it describes occurred two years ago. I found this out when I went to my normal online news sources for information on the tragedy.

It would have been nice if the poster had mentioned the seven Afghan commandoes killed in the incident. After all, they were fighting for their country.

Maybe my irritation stems from the fact that guilt has always been a powerful motivator for me. People who know me know it’s an effective tool to use on me. So I certainly don’t need it from some nincompoop on Facebook. Also, f you’re going to guilt me, get your facts right, if nothing else out of respect for the dead.




Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Alas, Nostraseamus has been stirred from his slumber. What, my hundreds of millions of loyal readers would ask, prompted this awakening? Scenes of the apocalypse visited upon Japan? The flame of Arab revolt marching across the Middle East and North Africa? Epic legislative warfare over the budget deficit? No, no and no. What has inflamed my passion (and not in a good way) is a person called…Snooki.
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Ben Affleck Is A Dick

No kidding, right? That an actor who played the male lead in BOTH Gigli and Pearl Harbor gets the Scarlett D emblazoned on his head is a no-brainer. But, as much as I’m tempted to, I cannot indict Affleck as a dick on the basis of his work, though it does contain the aforementioned execrable performances. The guy who directed Gone Baby, Gone, wrote Good Will Hunting and starred in Hollywoodland does have talent.
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Julian Assange’s Leaky Wick

Pour a mug of coffee, Google “North Korean Propaganda”, sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ll find out that Kim Jong Il is a highly decorated fighter pilot and that on his first golf excursion, he shot a 38 under par, sinking eleven holes in one. North Korea, you will learn, has, for the past fifty years, single-handedly saved the world from the bloodthirsty, snaggle-fanged vampire that is American imperialism. I bet you didn’t know they inflicted two million casualties on us during the Korean War. There’s nothing that quite induces mirth like the view from inside a self proclaimed People’s Paradise abroad…and at home.
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An Unfriending

Warning….this blog may break the record for the number of times the word “friend” is used in such a small space

“Unfriend” What a funny word. Was it even a word five years ago? To Friend and UnFriend. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

This week I unfriended someone for the very first time.
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A Clarifying Moment

Every now and again I stumble upon a paragraph, a sentence or phrase that perfectly encapsulates how liberals think. This morning I was reading another Joan Walsh diatribe on Salon (no..I didn’t go there of my own free will…I was redirected by RealClearPolitics) about the filthy, parasitic imperialist, capitalist vampires: the Rich. Walsh bemoans the casualties in “the war against the middle class”, which would increase dramatically if the Bush tax cuts were made permanent:

” And it could throw the country back into the recession from which it’s barely recovered, since paying more money to the uber-rich would make spending on jobs or any other kind of recovery measures almost impossible.”
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Muttonheads of the Week: Joy Behar and Eve Ensler

When I started this blog, every now and then I’d post about my “Idiot of the Week”. I’ve never liked using the term “idiot” because calling someone like Eugene Robinson an idiot is to demean the ancient and noble profession of idiotry. So I’ve some up with a new epithet: Muttonhead. The pickings were very easy this week.

Behold intellectual giants Joy Behar and Eve Ensler:

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The preposterous selection of Barack Obama as this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was meant to be a slap in the face to George W. Bush. America is being rewarded for repudiating John McCain and “four more years of the same” and electing Barack Obama and his kumbaya world view. Its actual effect is to vindicate George W. Bush’s justifiably cynical view of international institutions as politicized and corrupt.
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