No Lesser Evil

syria-92012For the past two years, Syrian leader Bashar Assad has engaged in a brutal crackdown against his own citizens. What had started as spontaneous popular demonstrations against the government’s response to drought and for civil rights has morphed into a full blown civil war.

The conflict pits Assad’s Alawite Shi’a (backed by Russian arms), Iran and Hezbollah against a conglomeration of rebels who fight under the banner of the Syrian Free Army and who are funded and supplied by Sunni Arab states and, to a lesser degree, the West. Since the war started, over 90,000 Syrians have died (some as a result of chemical attacks) and millions have been displaced.
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My Boilerplate Discussion of Islam Caveat Page

I’ve got a couple ideas about blog posts I’d like to make in regard to Islam and the state of the relationship between Muslims world-wide and America. When I started writing, I found that 80% of my post was taken up bowing at the altar of political correctness with all sorts of qualifications and caveats written to prove that I am not a hater of Islam just because I comment on the unsavory behavior of some of its adherents.

So, I’m writing this, my Discussion of Islam Caveat page, to which I can link to from any future post which happens to contain the words “Islam” or “Muslim” or, god forbid, “Muslim terrorist” or may contain anything remotely critical of the Prophet, Islam or it’s adherents. That way, no one will confuse me with David Duke, Adolf Hitler or Juan Williams.

– I work with Muslims and find that they are decent, hardworking and generally fun to be around.
– I would welcome a mosque in my neighborhood.
– Most Muslims are not terrorists.
– Muslims are responsible for a lot of good things, like algebra, zero and the word “sheriff”, without which Bob Marley may have never become famous.
– When Muslim terrorists strike, they usually claim Muslim victims.
– Most Muslims in America have assimilated and are productive members of our society.
– In many places around the world in which Islam is the dominant religion, all is sunshine, flowers and unicorns.
– I would welcome a Muslim next door neighbor.

Ground Zero Mosque (Redux)…In Which Our President Stomps on a Flaming Bag of Dog Poo

The President, at a White House dinner last Friday to observe the beginning of Ramadan, came out forcefully in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. In one fell swoop, he elevated what for weeks Robert Gibbs had been calling a local zoning issue to a national picking of the scab that has yet (and may never) to heal.

The next day, he was still in favor of the mosque, except not so much. Turns out what he meant was that Muslims had the right to build a mosque in lower Manhattan. He would not, however, comment on whether or not that was a good idea.
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Pot Calling The Kettle Black

This article on The American Thinker website describes the characteristics of Jews as described by a Muslim intellectual and cleric (Muslim intellectual and cleric…now there is a contradiction in terms). Here are some of the characteristics, along with appropriate citations, from the article:
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