A Day in the Fatherland and the Mighty Lez Zeppelin

Lez Zeppelin

My buddy Eric and I are fans of Led Zeppelin. Thirty years ago, anytime their brilliantly flawed concert film The Song Remains The Same was screening at midnight, we’d be there. Didn’t matter how many times (hundreds? thousands?) we’d heard Kashmir or How Many More Times, at some point during an evening out, we’d have the Mighty Zeppelin cranked up high. Few have been the phone calls over a lifetime which haven’t had at least one mention of the band.

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The Journeys of NostraSeamus – 4/11/2009

I covered 49 miles this week, for a total of 344.5 miles from Harpers Ferry. This week’s journey took me through Parkersburg, West Virginia, situated on the banks of the Ohio River. Parkersburg is named after Alexander Parker, who was granted land in the area for his service in the American Revolution. A couple miles from Parkersburg, on the Ohio River, is Blennerhassett Island State Park. The island, partially owned by Harman Blennerhassett, allegedly served as a staging area for Aaron Burr’s scheme to carve out an empire for himself by conquering part of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and Mexico. Burr, a Revolutionary War hero, U.S. Senator, New York assemblyman and Attorney General and the third Vice-President of the United States, was acquitted of charges of treason that arose from the scheme. Before going on trial for treason, Burr gained notoriety by killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
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The Second Most Interesting Woman In The World

Cupcake always jokes with me that if Joe Gibbs, NASCAR team owner and wearer of three Super Bowl rings bearing the “Redskins” name, becomes single, I don’t stand a chance. The pugs and red ware will be thrown into the back of the Maxima and I will be left to fend for myself.
I think I’ve found my Joe Gibbs. She’s been there all along, but it took a Jay Leno interview to open my eyes. Stylish, intelligent and possessing of a good sense of humor, she rose from the segregated South of the Sixties to become one of the most powerful people in Washington. She’s played piano for the Queen of England. They wanted to name a super tanker after her, but she modestly demurred. She was on the short list to become the NFL Commish. And, finally, the icing on the cake: