Greek Tragedy

In ancient times, the Greeks staged plays which, in part, were cautionary tales. They showed how baser human traits of human nature, like hubris, greed and jealousy led men, inevitably, down the path of ruin. The modern Greek tragedy unfolding illustrates that, no matter what the consequences of ignorance, some lessons are never learned. For our own sake, I do hope we as a nation look to Europe and learn some things about the evils of world government, the culture of entitlement and easy money.
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Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Alas, Nostraseamus has been stirred from his slumber. What, my hundreds of millions of loyal readers would ask, prompted this awakening? Scenes of the apocalypse visited upon Japan? The flame of Arab revolt marching across the Middle East and North Africa? Epic legislative warfare over the budget deficit? No, no and no. What has inflamed my passion (and not in a good way) is a person called…Snooki.
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There’s A Little Monster In Us All….

When Michael Vick signed with the Eagles in 2009, I held my nose. Up until a few months ago, coming to terms with my love of the team and Vick’s torturing and killing of dogs in his care didn’t present much of a problem. I felt it was one of endurance: I thought that once Kevin Kolb took the reins of the club, the Michael Vick experiment would be over within the year and the moral dilemma he presented would be the problem of some other team’s fans.
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More Hard Hitting Reporting At MSNBC

I applaud Contessa Brewer’s courage here in opening up America’s eyes to the continuing scourge of racism and its potential for violence. What is the world to think when white men with weapons run rampant at appearances by the president?
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In Other News, The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

I can’t remember the last time I watched network news. I just can’t stomach it. I get my news from Special Report on FoxNews and reading a lot from different sources on the internet.

I stumbled upon this on RealClearPolitics. Now, the whole tone of this piece makes it sound like its just now that the president is starting to take a hit in popularity and that America is deeply troubled by his handling of health care. One would think that people in this country are putting down their coffee and tut tutting the president’s plans versus getting ready to descend on Washington with pitchforks and torches.

One wonders if four (or, God forbid, eight) years from now, ABC, NBC or CBS will be able to report that he’s left office. We’ll be trapped in an alternate universe where Obamalot never ends….

Hypocrisy Tour 2009

During the election, we read horror stories about hate speech at McCain/Palin reallies and how the candidates had a responsibility to stop such talk.

Mary Kay Green from Kansas City sued the McCain campaign for allowing supporters to call his opponent a terrorist.

A post on Washington Monthly’s website (a site endorsed by James Carville his own self), reported breathlessly that McCain tacitly endorsed his supporters calling Obama a terrorist and traitor.
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Vote For Bob Hardy and The Mummification Of Bolivar

As my tens of millions of loyal readers know, June 2 is election day here in Bolivar, WV. In a recent blog, I lamented the fact that our town government resembled the Chinese Politburo in its youth and vigor. I happened upon this article in the Herald-Mail and it does indeed herald good news from Bolivar. It appears our ossified government is due for a makeover, with a turnover on the town council.
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“Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. … That wasn’t me.”

Yeah, Barack, that was you. What our President surely knows (and what most people who voted for either don’t or don’t want to recall) is that Congress controls the purse. Congress, controlled by Democrats, have been in charge of the checking account now for going on two and a half years. Granted, I was greatly disappointed with President Bush’s lack of leadership on controlling spending, but since then Senator Obama was a member of Congress during that time and voted for such items as the Bush stimulus bill and all but one of the Iraq War funding measures that crossed his desk, the deficit is at least partially “on him”.

My number one gripe about this guy (oh….and there are many of them, to be sure) is his constant demagoguery in blaming most of America’s problems, both domestic and international, on the Bush Administration. I’m not holding my breath for the mainstream media to start calling him on it. We’ll be watching the 2012 election play out as Obama stumps around the nation complaining about the sad hand he was dealt.

The Russians

A perusal of today’s version of Pravda Online yields some predictably mirthful reading. We read that Russian scientists are using GoogleMaps to find yeti. Yes, I do hold the writers, editors and most serious readers of Pravda Online in contempt, I do have to admire the online publication’s devotions to all things yeti, the Asian cousin of our own beloved Sasquatch.
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Past As Prologue


Almost daily we’re being hit with stories in the news of bonuses paid out at institutions which are receiving federal bailout money. In many cases, the groups of people who caused meltdowns at companies like AIG are very small. If I remember Congressional testimony correctly, there were maybe 20 people at AIG’s Financial Products division who were responsible for betting the house on the mortgage market. That’s why I think some of the indignation about these bonuses is somewhat asinine. There’s a small AIG insurance office about five miles from where I live. Does the guy running that office deserve to be tarred and feathered because he took home an extra thousand or two at Christmas this year?
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