Eagles Diary – 10/26/2008: Blogging the Birds

My Brother P, in his incarnation as Flatusyahu, blogged a couple Eagles games and, miracle of miracles, a NASCAR race, when Flatusyahu was a going concern. I’ve always thought it was a fun idea. Especially this weekend, with so much going on in Philly.

1:04 PM – Birds kicking off…a rare Sean Consadine sighting. Not only siighted…but sighted tackling something.

1:04 PM – Hmmm….a catch by Brian Finneran. Finneran was part of the hairball Andy’s team coughed up during the first game of his head coaching career. The Eagles went up 21-0 in the first half and we all thought that we would see great things that year. Then Jake Plummer, doing what he does against the Eagles, brought the Cardinals back. Finneran juggled a pass into the hands of a Cardinal corner, ending a comeback drive and was cut the next week.
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