Private Parts

The little piece of internet exhibitionism you’re reading aside, I’m a pretty private person. “Offline”, I just don’t like people knowing details like the status of my health or how much I earn. I was raised not to discuss intimate details of my life with anyone but immediate family and perhaps one or two life long, very trusted friends. To do overwise borders on the uncouth. On a site such as Facebook, IĀ converse in a way, and give out no more information than, I would at a social function that included, say, coworkers or people I’d call acquaintances. That only makes sense, because when you post on Facebook or Twitter, you’re not just posting to your brother or wife. You are posting to a coworker, your cousin, your nieghbor and, potentially, your neighbor’s cousin’s sister-in-law, who you friended solely on a mutual admiration of Sheryl Crow.
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