Nothing Special


This week Great Britain’s parliament handed it’s prime minister a stunning defeat, voting down a measure that would have allowed the UK, as part of a NATO coalition, to attack Bashar Al-Assad’s for an alleged chemical weapons attack he perpetrated on his own people.

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Yes, I Care

afghan hoax

One day last week my dander was raised by a post I found on my Facebook newsfeed. (I pause here wondering if this whole post is just an excuse to use the phrase “my dander was raised”).

I see a lot of these on Facebook and usually, after an enthusiastic huruumph, I move on. Now, I know that 99 times out of a hundred, these didn’t originate with the “friend” who shared it. Still, it’s pretty smug and presumptuous to put something on a friend’s newsfeed saying, in effect, if you don’t share this post, you care nothing about the people who suffered the tragedy described therein. The phrase “I bet no one cares enough” is particularly galling, because it basically tells me that, “You’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I know you and I’m thinking you’re a dirtbag who won’t post my ode the fallen heroes.”

What makes this particular post idiotic is that, even though I received it just last week, the event it describes occurred two years ago. I found this out when I went to my normal online news sources for information on the tragedy.

It would have been nice if the poster had mentioned the seven Afghan commandoes killed in the incident. After all, they were fighting for their country.

Maybe my irritation stems from the fact that guilt has always been a powerful motivator for me. People who know me know it’s an effective tool to use on me. So I certainly don’t need it from some nincompoop on Facebook. Also, f you’re going to guilt me, get your facts right, if nothing else out of respect for the dead.



No Lesser Evil

syria-92012For the past two years, Syrian leader Bashar Assad has engaged in a brutal crackdown against his own citizens. What had started as spontaneous popular demonstrations against the government’s response to drought and for civil rights has morphed into a full blown civil war.

The conflict pits Assad’s Alawite Shi’a (backed by Russian arms), Iran and Hezbollah against a conglomeration of rebels who fight under the banner of the Syrian Free Army and who are funded and supplied by Sunni Arab states and, to a lesser degree, the West. Since the war started, over 90,000 Syrians have died (some as a result of chemical attacks) and millions have been displaced.
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The Oaken Balls of Barack Obama

It is exceedingly rare that a victory for Barack Obama is a victory for the whole of the American people. The first of May was just such a day. Special operators and intelligence personnel carried death from the skies and delivered it to the doorstep of one Usama Bin Laden. I tip my hat first to the men who actually executed the mission and continue to tip it all the way up the chain of command. Well done, Mr. President. Very well done indeed.
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An Unfriending

Warning….this blog may break the record for the number of times the word “friend” is used in such a small space

“Unfriend” What a funny word. Was it even a word five years ago? To Friend and UnFriend. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

This week I unfriended someone for the very first time.
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