I was going to write a post about how during the month of September saw me backsliding a bit as far as working out was concerned. Looking back on Garmin Connect, though, that would have been me being unfair to me. I looked back at my activity over the last few weeks and there’s nothing there to be ashamed of. Indeed, given some of the headwinds I was facing, I did quite well.

I realize now that the annual August malaise bled somewhat into September. The past month has been a particularly difficult time at work. Without getting too far into the weeds, there are two systems we had to upgrade which are vital to the company. Without these two databases, the company cannot do business. I was heading up this project and remembered when we did something similar a couple years back. Then, as now, I made myself sick with worry. There was no reason to think the upgrade would not proceed successfully. However, on the off chance that something went awry, the company could have been down for hours, of not a couple days.

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Long Day

I arrived at work on Friday morning at 3:45 AM, in the dark and alone. I left eighteen and one quarter hours later. In the dark and alone.

One reason for civilization’s future downfall may be that no one knows how their facebooks, tumblrs, spreadsheets and smartphones work. From most people’s perspective, they turn on a device…a phone, a tablet, their toaster and the thing just works, as if by magic. I don’t think they really care how it works either, as evidenced by the glassy looks I get a minute and a half into explaining what I do for a living.

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