Eagles Diary – 9/13/2008

Time to catch up a bit. I’m trying to squeeze nine months of Eagles activity into three blogs written over one week.

You may have gotten the impression from the last Eagle’s blog that I am an incurable homer. Guilty as charged. I approached this season with boundless optimism. This, despite the fact that the Eagles would be without Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown, their two starting wide receivers, for the opener against the Rams.
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Today is a somber day. I sat down this morning and watched the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the 9/11 attacks. It is difficult for me to do so but, I think, necessary. Of all the images of that terrible day, those of fellow Americans jumping out of the World Trade Center rather than being burned to death disturb me the most. Nothing like this must ever be allowed to happen again here. It is that reason why I have supported our government’s somewhat heavy hand at keeping violence away from our shores.
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Diversity…She’s An Ooooold Wooden Ship

I was thinking about diversity in these, the heady days of post-racial politics. The Democrats claim to be the party of diversity..but looking at the both tickets, I find that one seems to represent America’s diversity than the other.

On the Democratic side, we’ve got the Obamas and Bidens. The Obamas are all balck: a couple of lawyers and two very adorable little girls. Then we have the Bidens: white all, Biden’s a lawyer, his wife is an educator of special needs children and two sons who are lawyers. Beau Biden serves in the Army Reserve.

Now…the Republican ticket. John McCain is a combat veteran and a war hero. His wife Cindy runs the business her father started from scratch. She started as a special education teacher. One son is in the Naval Academy, another is a Marine who has done a tour in Iraq. He has two daughters: Meghan, an aspiring fashion designer and Bridget, who the McCains brought back from Bangladesh and adopted.

Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska who started out as a journalist. Her husband is part Yu’pik. He is a commercial fisherman and worked on Alaska’s North Slope. He is a member of the Steelworker’s Union. She has five children, including Track, her eldest, who will depart for Iraq on September 11, 2008. The oldest girl, Bristol, is pregnant. Her youngest child, Trig, was born with Downs Syndrome.

One group seems a little more diverse than the other, doesn’t it?

New Digs

Well, after whetting my appetite over at Blogger for a couple days, I bit the bullet, ponied up $120.00 and staked my claim on me very own domain name. I’d like to thank the thousands of people who supported me on Blogger over the last few days.

This theme is temporary until I figure out how to do nifty things with WordPress. Hopefully photos, videos and hair samples will become more prominent. Not that the hypnotic power of my words shouldn’t keep people from reading this.

But..actually, I do have to thank my number one fan: my wife Cupcake. If your the only one who ever reads this, I’ll be a happy man.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is, for me, the most wonderful time of the year. Football season. Or, more accurately, Philadelphia Eagles season. Every year I resolve to keep a diary of the ups and downs of the season. My resolve either fails out of laziness or the pain of writing about another disappointing campaign. Blogging presents a great motivation for keeping such a diary.
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How Dare White Voters Vote For A White Candidate

Here’s an interesting article on www.philly.com about the role that race is playing in the 2008 election. The basic thrust of the article is that many whites will not vote for Barack Obama because he is black. It also posits that quite a few whites will say they will vote for Obama, but won’t pull the trigger in the voting booth because of his race. The article cites the results of a Washington Post-ABC “racial sensitivity poll”, designed to measure the racial prejudice of white voters. Perhaps not surprisingly, a number of whites will vote for John McCain because he’s white.

What about measuring the racial prejudice of black voters? Will blacks vote for Barack Obama in huge numbers in November because he is black? Or because he is the best candidate? Granted, most black voters view the Democratic Party as the party who best looks after their interests. However, what about the primaries? Blacks voted for Obama 9 to 1 over other candidates, including Hillary Clinton. I have a hard time believing they did so for any other reason than Obama is black and Hillary isn’t.

So does this make black voters racist? I’m not holding my breath waiting for the poll that measures that demographic’s racial prejudice.

Why I Like Barack Obama

Barack Obama seems like a nice guy. There’s no doubt he’s got charisma. I certainly do enjoy listening to the man speak, even if I disagree with most of what he says. He seems like a regular guy. I’ll vote for John McCain this fall, not only because I like his policies, but because I like the man himself. But unlike Obama, McCain to me is a bit larger than life. While in the military, I took part in survival training. A part of the training in the classroom was an examination of prisoner of war experiences such as the one John McCain lived through. One could say John McCain is a hero of mine.
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A little over a year ago, my brother, P started a blog at flatusyahu.com. It sprang from funny photoshops that he, I and our other brother, J, used to post on a site dedicated to the our fantasy football league. FLATUSYAHU’s purpose was simply a place where three brothers could try to crack each other up. It worked. I was a daily visitor and frequent poster on the site and more often than not had tears of laughter rolling down my face.
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Thus Spoke NostraSeamus

Hello Folks. Welcome to my blog. I feel more than a little assinine writing ths because, chances are, no one will ever read this thing.

I’ve always been told I write well and its a dream of mine to publish a novel someday. One of the biggest problems I have writing is that I don’t have the self-discipline to write every day. If this blog serves any purpose, maybe it will be that I’ll write here every day and eventually turn that into something more down the road.

What will this blog be about? I don’t know. I’ve read that, for blogs to be commercially successful, it needs to “be about something”. Well, I guess this blog will be about nothing, and about everything.

The immediate impetus for this blog is that we are in the political season. I have a lot to say about the candidates and about how this great country debates the merits of each. My political bent, as it were, will be in very short time apparent.

I’d also like to write about what’s important and interesting to me. My family (don’t worry…anonymity is assured), sports, history and, of most import, the search for Sasquatch.