I began this blog during the 2008 presidential election. I was fired up. John McCain was a hero of mine and I thought he’d make a hell of a better president than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Obama was elected and I think him a very poor president. Not because he’s black. Not because I think he was born in Kenya. Not because I think he’s a Muslim. Politics has been called the art of the possible. We live in a system where winning an election buys you a seat at the table. At that table you must work with others to get things done. President Obama doesn’t do this. He doesn’t play well with others. In his mind politics is a zero sum game. It goes beyond not acknowledging that nearly 50% of the country does not agree with his policies. He’s tells that other half of the country that they are wrong headed, that they are, at best simpletons, at worse agents of evil. Purveyors of inequality and racism.

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Love Of Country

Item One: My Brothers P and J, along with twelve or so other guys, have a bulletin board set up on www.freeforums.org. I’ve known these guys, some on a strictly on line basis, for more than a decade now. The purpose of the board is to discuss our ongoing fantasy football keeper league. We also talk about everything from hot Asian midgets to politics.
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Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama. He is proof positive that the American Dream is alive and well. I’m not sure that this country believed, even two years ago, that we would elect an African-American president. I think it takes a pretty special individual to break such a barrier.
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Thoughts from Middle America on Election Day

Election Day is upon us. I voted today and I urged everyone I know to vote. No matter what the outcome, we once more get to celebrate this great democracy of ours.

I’m not feeling optimistic, though, based on my conversations with people. I realize that the dyed-the-wool liberals are going to vote for Obama. There’s nothing really to be done about them. My pessimism comes from discussions with people who voted for Obama for little other reason than they were sick of the way things are and the Republicans are to blame.
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The Bradley Effect

There has been a lot of talk this election cycle about the Bradley Effect. It’s named after Tom Bradley, the African-American mayor of Los Angeles who lost the 1982 California gubernatorial election even though he polled higher than his opponent during the campaign. The Bradley Effect occurs when a white voter tells a pollster that he will vote for an African-American candidate while actually voting for that candidate’s white opponent on Election Day. The white voter gives a misleading answer to the pollster because he fears he will be considered racist if he says he’s voting for the white candidate over the African-American candidate.
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