My Vote For Barack Obama

With Rick Santorum now out of the race, the nomination, presumably, goes to Mitt Romney. Already general election hijinks are in high gear. We have Barack Obama barnstorming the country, touting the “Buffett Rule”, which would have millionaires paying a minimum 30% tax rate. Obama says this will help “stabilize our debts and deficits”, conveniently ignoring the fact that it’ll raise about 4 billion dollars a year. We borrow about four billion dollars a day to finance our current deficit. We have the Democratic Party bemoaning the Republican “War on Women”, while a high level Democratic advisor goes on TV and claims that, because Ann Romney didn’t choose the path that liberal feminists thought she ought to choose and chose the positively medieval existence of a stay-at-home parent, her opinions about the economy don’t really mean much.
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F#$& The President???

Was it a mere 43 days ago that Jon Stewart held his smirkfest on the the National Mall to “Restore Sanity”? Despite Stewart’s assertion that his gathering was non-partisan, it was obvious that most of the 77 million people who gathered in Washington on October 30 broke Left (attendance figures provided by NPR, the New York Times and HuffPost). Those smirking masses carried signs comparing themselves favorably to the rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth racist hate mongers who had had the temerity to question The One; they were the sane, sober, ironic alternative to the decidedly bombastic, frantic Right.

Fast forward a mere month and change and the Liberal Nation is aflame at the prospect that President Obama has reached a compromise with Republicans which will allow citizens of this country to keep their own money. Yes, that’s right….keep their own money…not a compromise to cut any taxes for the rich or a compromise to give rich people money. I’ve seen howls of betrayal, disappointed, teary eyed, snotty nose whimpers of disillusion and dark whispers of revolution. Samplings from a lefty blogosphere that seems to have it’s collective panties in a wad include:

Frank on FireDogLake:

So many betrayals. Actually this Administration has given the lefties nothing. This Administration came in with a lot of good will and promises. But Wall Street, war mongers, Homeland Secret Police, and Corporate criminals have been consolidating their power. Obama’s wars impoverish everyone else.

We have repression against the moral people who oppose Obama’s war profiteering genocide. Obama and his Republican accomplices keep violating our Constitutional Bill of Rights. And then the Wikileaks. Our government is controlled by a Mafia. Obama is just the public relations stooge. But Obama himself is singularly inept.

RatedFred on Salon:

No Democrat I’ve spoken with over the last two years is happy with President Jellyfish, and after this week, I have zero doubt that many are furious and fed up with him. Beans and Greens
I am already counting the days until another President looses his job. I would rather have Newt Greenitch, a known if execrable quantity, be president than Obama bin-Laden, stealth terrorist.

Some anonymous paragon of sanity on the New York Times:

President Obama has no stomach for opposition.


He has compromised with the devil.

He has lost too much ground with the American people.

It doesn’t look like he is governing any differently than the Republicans.

He just speaks differently.

How is anyone looking out for the country?

Where is he steering us? More foolhardy war endeavors? More tax cuts? No blame for bail out?

This was his ultimate test and HE FOLDED. Early too.

Bush was the beginning of the end of American Power and Obama has jumped on that train.

The aptly named Crazy Eddie on KOS:

I voted for a black Bob Kennedy. What I got was a black Bob Dole. I am so done with “Thank you sir, may I have another” Obama.

Also from KOS, the wonderfully monikered HootieMcBoob:

I don’t care what happens but I can’t vote for this man for President in 2012.
I just feel sick to my stomach right now.
Our last best hope is Nancy Pelosi and hopefully some stong Senate Democrats next year.

“Obama bin Laden”? “Obama’s war profiteering genocide”? “President JellyFish”? Disgust? Stomach upset? Obama a terrorist?

Yes, sane stuff, that. And if you are of liberal bent and are reading this, and think I am cherry-picking comments, click the links to these various sites and then get back to me if I’m overstating the Left’s reaction.

This brand of “sanity” reached a boiling point on December 9th when the House Democratic Caucus went behind closed doors to vent about the compromise. During deliberations, a frustrated Member said “fuck the president.” Now, The Hill reported that the phrase was “muttered”. I submit that the “fuck the president” in question must have been more than muttered for it to have been heard by as many who heard it and so widely reported. Of course, Democrats are keeping mum about who actually said the offending words. Something tells me that Julian Assange won’t be working very hard to divulge this particular “truth”.

What with all the vitriol being vomited at the president from the Left, the question has to be asked, “Are the Democrats a party of racist wingnuts?” I mean, when Joe Wilson yelled “You lie” (while the president was standing there, actually lying) at Obama during a speech on health care to Congress in 2009, he was a racist, right? When the right and center groaned about a trillion dollar stimulus or demanding that the president actually have a viable alternative to Gitmo before closing it (other than waving his magic wand and sprinkling fairy dust), astute social scientists such as Jeneane Garofalo said it was because the country couldn’t stand having a black president.

We can at least thank the unknown “fuck the president” ‘er for stomping the myth that you’re a card carrying Klan member if you don’t like the president’s foreign policy, health care reform bill or color tie he wears.

Lost in all the Sturm und Drang is the irony that Democrats have spent the last two years blaming the country’s failure to move forward on the unwillingness of Republicans to compromise with the president and now want to burn the country down because Republicans and the president have actually compromised.

What may be most infuriating to the aforementioned blog readers is that, by beginning to compromise with Republicans, President Obama may be beginning to dig himself out of a political grave. The shellacking he received was the wages of his hard left policies and summary dismissal of anything on offer from the middle to right of the political spectrum. By leaning a little right, toward the center, he may be able to hope for a second term.

The Party of No

The current brouhaha over the extension of the Bush tax cuts demonstrates why our political system fascinates me and why, I suppose, it repels others to the point where they just don’t want to be bothered.

The liberal myth of the last two years has been that the Republicans have practiced obstructionism and that they have steadfastly refused to compromise with President Obama, despite the president’s heroic efforts at compromise. If the month or so since the election has proven anything, it’s shown how ridiculous charges of obstructionism are.
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A Presidential November – The Tale of a One Legged Man at an Ass Kicking Contest

What a month it was for Barry O. He roared into November with Nixonian thundering about bystanders sipping Slurpees and enemies (apparently over fifty percent of the electorate) who needed to be punished. He limped out, literally, with a bloody fat lip.
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No One Knows

I’ve read that US companies (banks among them) are hoarding cash to the tune of 1.8 to 2.5 trillion dollars. The percentage of cash as it relates to a firm’s total assets is rising and the velocity of money (the number of times, for example, the same dollar changes hands) is also declining. (Note: Much like “sasquatch”, “minion” or “lugubrious”, “velocity of money” is one of my favorite words/phrases).
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The Obama Youth And Sweet Irony


It’s a deliciously ironic that Barak Obama is catching heat for his address to America’s school children next week. After all, there was a time in this country when it would’ve been considered a positive event that The President was addressing school children because, well, he was The President. And not because it was Obama or Roosevelt or Kennedy or Reagan giving the speech, it was because it was The President. There used to be (and, I think, really should be) an aura of awe…graviitas….dignitas about the office. The President commanded respect, no matter which party affiliation one claimed for no other reason than he was The President.
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Following The Liberal Example

So Republicans are all tinfoil hat wearing birther troglodyte knuckle dragging fascists who’ve been brainwashed and organized into frothing at the mouth mobs by Powerful Special Interests. I guess we should all learn a lesson from our erudite, level headed liberal brethren, who have turned dissent into the highest form of patriotism
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