I began this blog during the 2008 presidential election. I was fired up. John McCain was a hero of mine and I thought he’d make a hell of a better president than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Obama was elected and I think him a very poor president. Not because he’s black. Not because I think he was born in Kenya. Not because I think he’s a Muslim. Politics has been called the art of the possible. We live in a system where winning an election buys you a seat at the table. At that table you must work with others to get things done. President Obama doesn’t do this. He doesn’t play well with others. In his mind politics is a zero sum game. It goes beyond not acknowledging that nearly 50% of the country does not agree with his policies. He’s tells that other half of the country that they are wrong headed, that they are, at best simpletons, at worse agents of evil. Purveyors of inequality and racism.

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Obamacare Kabuki

And so today, the great minds of the Senate and House from both parties will come together with His Holiness to present their sides in the great health care reform debate. Call it the Blair House Project. I’ve got to say that after the election of Senator Scott Brown and President Obama’s statements that “He gets it, it’s about jobs”, the specter of health care reform rising from the legislative grave is indeed amazing. While reading over coffee this morning that Danny Williams, a premier in Canada (whose health care system is held as a shining example of what our system should be) traveled to the US to have heart work done because he can get better care here, I fervently hoped that today’s theater of the absurd will drive a stake through the heart of this vampire.
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