I was going to write a post about how during the month of September saw me backsliding a bit as far as working out was concerned. Looking back on Garmin Connect, though, that would have been me being unfair to me. I looked back at my activity over the last few weeks and there’s nothing there to be ashamed of. Indeed, given some of the headwinds I was facing, I did quite well.

I realize now that the annual August malaise bled somewhat into September. The past month has been a particularly difficult time at work. Without getting too far into the weeds, there are two systems we had to upgrade which are vital to the company. Without these two databases, the company cannot do business. I was heading up this project and remembered when we did something similar a couple years back. Then, as now, I made myself sick with worry. There was no reason to think the upgrade would not proceed successfully. However, on the off chance that something went awry, the company could have been down for hours, of not a couple days.

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Of Nipples and Dead Cats

The air has turned cool this week and I very much welcome that. The first two weeks of September, with their warm, humid August hangover, have not been pleasant. My runs this week have been faster and longer. I’ve been relaxed and, though I’ve pushed myself, I haven’t felt that soul sucking desperation that accompanies runs on a warm day.

My workouts have not come without some problems, though. Namely nipple problems. A week and a half ago, on a Sunday, I ran seven miles on the towpath…my longest yet. Once again I was sweating up a storm. About have way through I started chaffing. By the time I had run six miles, my man-schmeebs were in agony. I was using one hand to hold my shirt away from my body.

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215 and Heaven and Hell

August has just about left us. For personal, and meteorological, reasons, this is is the month I like least. The oppressive heat that makes its appearance in July sits down and makes to stay. The projects I worked so hard on during the spring and into the early summer are neglected. Sloth rules.

Usually. We have been blessed with a very mild summer and this more than anything, I think, has allowed me to keep faithful to working out. I am up to between 3 and 3 and a half miles a day now, and six miles on my long runs. I have conquered the Terminator, the long hill that climbs from the river up to the park visitors center. I have dropped from 221 pounds on August 1 to 215 today. Since I started working out in late May, that makes 18 pounds lost. 28 since early February.

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Long (for me) Run

Got kind of tired on Friday and couldn’t make it through my Bowflex workout. I felt pretty good the weekend before last and boosted up the resistance more than I should have on some of the exercises. Yesterday I lowered the resistance a bit and had a pretty good workout.

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How many new starts? How many leaves turned over? How many new dawns? New beginnings?

So many that hope finally started to wane this spring. I guess I could have been excused for being especially slothful over such a brutal winter. Still, as the weather warmed, motivation seemed very difficult to come by. My usual MO of getting up at 4:50 AM to walk seven miles a day seemed to me like torture. I was also well aware of my history of overreaching in the early stages of new leaf turning/new starts/new beginnings/new blah blah blah…

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